Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: One Week Later

One week into using Google Maps and Apple Maps on my iPhone 5 and iPad mini. This battle is only beginning and it’s good news for iOS users. From Head To Head: Google Maps And Apple Maps Battle For iPhone Users.

Google may have been miffed at being kicked out of Apple’s huge customer base, but the company is back in a big way with Google Maps app. It’s fast, detailed, features turn-by-turn, satellite view, traffic and transit. And it’s free.

The most glaring problem in Apple Maps is the data. That’s important enough to keep it from beating Google.

Winner: If all categories carry equal weight, it’s a tie. But some categories are worth more than others. Traffic and data, for example, both strong suits for Google. Apple excels in eye candy and ease-of-use. By a nose, Google is the winner.

The real winners are iPhone users.