How I Killed Spam On My Mac

Email spam is more than a nuisance. It should be outlawed by the governments of civilized nations. Why? It wastes time and resources. Spam comes and goes, but here are the two best methods I’ve found to nearly eliminate spam on my Mac.

Goodbye, Google & Hello SpamSieve

Your Mac comes with built-in Mail and filters, including one to capture Junk mail. As filters go, it’s pretty good. I use it to route incoming email to different mail boxes in Mail.

The Junk Mail filter? It’s just not as good as SpamSieve. I bought this years ago, back when I used Microsoft Entourage, and before I finally switched to Mail.


SpamSieve actually learns my email, so it knows what to put in the spam folder and what to keep in the inbox. It keeps a whitelist of previous recipients so email I want never shows up as spam.

The blocklist is like a blacklist that automatically marks as spam any message sent from a specific address. There’s a simple slider bar that tells SpamSieve how aggressive to be. It even turns off Mail’s new-mail notification (which sounds even when spam arrives), and notifies you only when non-spam messages hit the inbox.

SpamSieve Preferences

The volume of spam comes and goes, depending on which spammer was shut down recently, and how long it took them to start up again. SpamSieve has killed about half of my spam.

Once installed, there’s not much to do. Show it what good email looks like. Show it was spam looks like. It does the rest.

The Other Half?

The other half of my email spam was from my Google Gmail account. Google’s spam filter isn’t bad, but I decided enough was enough.

Once I deleted the Gmail account, the other half of my spam problem just disappeared.


  1. I use SpamSieve as well, but my biggest takeaway from your review is not to have a gmail account!