PixoBebo hasn’t been around long enough to require a Frequently Asked Questions section. So, allow me the pleasure of anticipating your questions with a few answers.

Preceded by a few questions of my own, of course. I’m making this up as I go along.

Q: Why do you like Macs?

Fair enough. I’ve been using Macs and PCs since high school days; well over 15 years (do the math). For a number of years I bounced back and forth between Mac and PC. Both had their strong points.

Once Apple began to mature Mac OS X, I saw the light. Arguably, the Mac is more dependable, more stable, more secure, and, generally speaking, it gets out of my way and lets me do my job.

In recent years the Mac has matured to become the center of my digital life. I keep asking my Mac to do more, and it does more, seldom complains, and brings a measure of enjoyment to the world of a modern computer user.

Q: What Macs do you own?

I’ve owned well over a dozen Macs through the years, but my current machines are an iMac which I use at work, and a MacBook Pro which I take on the road.

I’m also the proud owner of a couple of iPods, and an iPhone, so I’m pretty much always connected to something.

Q: How long have you lived in New York?

All my life. So far. Except for the times when I’m somewhere else, which is often.

New York is my home. I love it here. Few American cities are as busy and as adventurous as New York. The character of the city wears off on the people, who make up the character of the city.

Does that make sense?

I love the different flavors of New York, the neighborhoods, the food, the people. Queens is not the Bronx. Brooklyn is not Manhattan. Together, they form a wonderful fabric which we call New York.

Q: What happened to that strange lavender color on your original site?

Strange? I like lavender.

More than one reader told me they really enjoy what I write on PixoBebo, but the color scheme caused nightmares, vision loss, headaches, and probably pimples. So, I changed it to a more earthy look.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with PixoBebo?

I have a number of objectives in mind with PixoBebo.

First, I want to share what I’ve learned and continue to learn about living a digital life. So much of what we do these days is tied into our computers and the internet.

Our cell phones and portable music players are connected to our Macs. We have email and text messaging and calendars and schedules and projects, and we let our computers handle all the details.

Sharing the knowledge we gain benefits everyone.

Second, PixoBebo is part of an ongoing project to learn more about the technology surrounding a web site; the nuts and bolts, the graphics, the XHTML and CSS, the dynamic content management system, and especially the interaction with readers.

Finally, if the internet has become a window to the rest of the world, I’d like for that window to be two-way.

How’s that? Good for a start? If you have questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Me.