Kate’s Comment Standards

I invite comments on PixoBebo, hereinafter referred to as my ‘Site.’ My readers may have valuable information to contribute to my Site, however, I must set a high standard for reader comments and involvement.

One important and positive aspect of a web site is the capability for readers to share what they think about a particular topic. A negative aspect is when those comments are off topic, worthless, juvenile, irrelevant, or self-promotional in nature. At my discretion I will not publish information I deem not to be a worthy addition to the Site’s content. Remember, it is my site and my content.

Commenting Rules

I do not publish anonymous comments. Put your name on your comments. There may be some value when commenters disguise their identities but that is outweighed by the tendency of anonymous commenters to push their own personal agenda and do not advance the discussion.

My Site is free to view and to comment where appropriate and where allowed. Comments are moderated. Spam and comments which, at my sole discretion, do not add value to the conversation, will be deleted.

Comments which contain personal attacks or question the motives, as opposed to the views, of others, will be deleted. If you think the Site or other commenters are wrong, feel free to say so and to argue why you think so. I welcome differing views, but not those that call people idiots, stupid, corrupt, and the like, or contend that they are taking positions because they are evil or immoral. You are free to say another commenter is wrong but you must state why and the argument must be coherent to me. Personal attacks on other commenters, me, or the Site will be deleted.

I won’t allow comments containing allegedly factual claims that I know to be wrong, or which I simply lack the time or resources to verify. If you think something is evil or a cure-all, put those theories to your own web site. I will delete comments that I consider racist, sexist, or derogatory to any religion, sexual orientation or ethnic group, or that I consider to be offensive.

All comments will be moderated before they are published. I may, at my discretion, delete comments after they are moderated and posted. Readers may flag specific commenters and comments for being in violation of my Comment Standards.

The Last Word

Finally, I reserve the right to ban from commenting anyone who violates my Site’s comment standards, or for any other reason. That includes those whom I believe to be damaging the Site, or one who creates a tone or atmosphere I consider inconsistent with the tone and atmosphere that I want on my Site.