Good Grief, Henry

It's not enough that Henry Blodget runs one of the worst of the internet's link bait farms, but he attached his own byline to a ridiculous story and premise. The BBC traced Apple's supply chain back to its roots and found that, among other things, tin used in iPhones ... Read More »

What Apple TV Is Waiting For

This could be the biggest news of the year if it happened this year. If not, and it happens in 2015, still the biggest news. Jacob Kastrenakes on an FCC proposed rule change that could turn the cable TV and broadcast TV upside down. Internet TV may have just gotten the ... Read More »

End Of The Browser Wars?

Articles like this are a sorry form of journalism. Ed Bott: The modern browser wars began in earnest in 2004, when Mozilla Firefox challenged Internet Explorer's complete and utter market dominance, successfully growing from zero to several hundred million users in less ... Read More »

Top 5 Laptops of 2014

I thought the term laptop was more of a 1999 thing. Apple sells notebooks. Brooke Crothers has the list of the best. Can you guess which one is on top? Laptops are facing a lot of competition from tablets and even large smartphones, but they’re still the mainstay device ... Read More »

iPad Air 2: ‘Silicon Perfection’

An IT Enquirer article that praises an Apple product? No wonder the byline is by 'IT Enquirer Staff:' So far, and after almost two weeks of iPad bliss, I have nothing but good things to say about the new beauty. It looks gorgeous, it’s so thin and smooth that I feel ... Read More »

On A Roll

Apple is on a momentous roll. From Bloomberg: Apple Inc. quickly dispensed with a $1 billion lawsuit by iPod users claiming software updates for the device were meant to block competitors, as a jury ruled for the company after only three hours of deliberations. 3 hours? ... Read More »

Apple Not Guilty

Apple's long legal nightmare with a potential billion-dollar loss is over. Julia Love: A federal jury handed Apple a win in a hard-fought antitrust case on Tuesday, rejecting plaintiffs' claims that the company sidelined competitors and hiked up prices during the iPod's ... Read More »

Microsoft Update Blunders Out Of Control

Larry Seltzer tracks a list of recent update blunders from Microsoft. This isn't the first time I've brought this up. In Summer of last year Microsoft had buggy Patch Tuesday updates three months in a row. There had been others that year, some of which crippled systems. Some ... Read More »

Beers American’s Don’t Drink Anymore

I love a good, cold beer, but haven't seen a few of these in years. Alexander E.M. Hess: While the last few years have been difficult for many large brewers, they, too, have been introducing new products that combine well-known brand names with new concepts that appeal ... Read More »

Who Says iPad Air 2 Is The Best Tablet?

Android Police: The Air 2 is reliable, predictable, and very fast. iOS still has some tablet experience apps lacking Android equivalents, too, and while Android tablets do have some advantages (like a better Gmail app BY FAR), the iPad remains a no-brainer for me. If ... Read More »

What ‘Back to the Future: Part II’ Got Wrong

Jordan Zakarin tracked down what we have in the 21st century vs. what 'Back to the Future' predicted would be here. A company called Arx Pax launched a Kickstarter to finance development of a new magnetic technology that, among other things, would make possible a semi-functioning ... Read More »

15 Best Burgers

Everyone has a list of something. Here's a new one for best burgers from Liz Childers. Only one New York burger joint on the list, the Bowery Meat Company in the East Village. ... Read More »

Walking To The Apple Store

I work in Manhattan, just a few blocks from Apple's flagship retail store. I live in Brooklyn, not far from Williamsburg which gets an Apple Store next spring. NYPost: The tech-products powerhouse has signed a long-term lease for a 20,000-square-foot store at 247 Bedford ... Read More »

Facebook Frustration

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg needs to keep a PR flack nearby at all times. A frustration I have is that a lot of people increasingly seem to equate an advertising business model with somehow being out of alignment with your customers. I think it's the most ridiculous concept. ... Read More »

Keys To Go

I bought a keyboard for my iPad Air. It's the Logitech Keys To Go. Very thin, very light, modestly priced and feels much better to type than it looks (similar in looks to Microsoft's Surface Pro keyboard), and fits inside my iPad's neoprene case with ease. James Kendrick ... Read More »

A $200 Chromebook Killer

Is it any wonder why Windows PC customers refuse to pay for higher quality PC hardware? It all runs Windows and prices start at about $200, including this HP model which aims to be a Chromebook killer. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes on the why: Once upon a time netbooks led the ... Read More »

The Proximity Lock

Jack Miller with a look at handyLock, the free Bluetooth proximity lock for your Mac. Install handyLock on your Mac and Pair it up with Bluetooth on your iPhone (also works with Android devices, iPad, et al). Use the sliders to control the lock distance from Closer ... Read More »

Top 10 Ways To Spot An American While Abroad

I travel to Europe about four times a year and make an effort never to eat there what I can eat in New York. Sid Lipsey on the easy ways to spot an American. It doesn’t take a red, white, and blue suitcase and a T-shirt reading “God Bless the USA” to flag someone ... Read More »

Semiconductor Children

A sad story aimed at Samsung but I suspect other manufacturing entities are equally suspect. It's HuffPost so take it with a grain of salt. Over the past few years, Samsung Corporation has faced a number of troubling allegations about the health of some of its workers ... Read More »

Crazy Math

How many of the new Apple Watch will the company ship next year? A UBS survey translated to 24-million units. UBS surveyed 4,000 people and estimated Apple would sell about 24 million Apple Watches next year based on the number of compatible iPhones in use. (The Apple ... Read More »

Hackers, Ransoms, And Movies

Variety with details on Sony's problems with hackers. At least five new movies from Sony Pictures are being devoured on copyright-infringing file-sharing hubs online in the wake of the hack attack that hobbled the studio earlier in the week. Look for more hackers to ... Read More »

Showing Off

It's what Amazon does when financials are anemic and stock price gets hammered because the online giant can't figure out how to make a profit while many competitors have. Natalie Gagliordi: The e-commerce giant unveiled Monday the technology at the heart of its eighth ... Read More »

$4,000? Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri

A Lamborghini for $4,000? Yes, but it's not a car. From Phone Arena: Meet the Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri, a device that will reportedly hit the shelves soon. Well, frankly said, its design won't appeal to just anyone, but just like super cars, the "hardware" under the ... Read More »

Unsold, Unwanted, Unloved

That describes Samsung's moribund Galaxy S5. Ewan Spence: Forty percent of the manufactured Samsung Galaxy S5s are reportedly still in warehouses around the world (reports The Wall Street Journal). While Samsung was confident that it had a hit phone and increased production ... Read More »