Samsung’s Galaxy S6: Too much like the iPhone?

File this in the 'duh' compartment. Chris Matyszczyk confirms what everyone expected. Samsung's new Galaxy S6 looks much like an iPhone 6. Samsung launched its Galaxy S6 today and I imagine the people least happy to see it were Apple's lawyers. The poor things likely ... Read More »

Give It Up, Already

David Lieberman tells the cable and phone companies to give in to net neutrality. Forget about it. Move on. It will pay off in the long run... Giving up isn’t in their nature. Comcast, Verizon and fellow Internet service providers (ISPs) hired some of the best legal, ... Read More »

Big Bang, Deflated?

Science just ain't what it used to be. Remember the Big Bang theory (not the TV sitcom)? Well, it turns out that it's a 'theory' just like evolution, with constant changes. Here's the latest version, from Tia Ghose. If a new theory turns out to be true, the universe may ... Read More »

Google For Kids

Google just launched YouTube for Kids: Families worldwide are watching millions of videos on YouTube. And lately, those of us at YouTube have been working on a new way for our kids—and yours—to discover and explore videos on every topic in, well, the universe. Today, ... Read More »

More Free Office 365

I'm still having trouble grasping Microsoft's business model in the mobile world (other than the company's inability to sell many mobile devices). Chris Smith on the latest for Office 365. The company said that millions of students and teachers around the world are now ... Read More »

NYC Cabbie Suspended

From AP: Leslie Cooper says she climbed into the cab in Manhattan last week, and the driver told her his credit card reader was broken. She offered to stop at an ATM near her Brooklyn home, and he told her to get out of the cab. It was cold, and she refused. Video ... Read More »

12 Signs Apple Is Expanding

File this list under 'Duh!' Jonny Evans lists the obvious on a very slow news day for those who love to bash Apple wherever possible. New industries, new staff, new roles and a huge investment in clean energy for its European cloud services – put it all together and it ... Read More »

iPad Pro Specifications

The rumored iPad Pro remains a rumor but now it has a release day, a price tag, features, and specifications. Christopher Morris has details: Well, the first question to answer is when it will be released. Apple has naturally not confirmed this yet, but numerous sources ... Read More »

Purple UFO

I love UFOs. Never saw one, but the truth is out there. Here's news of a purple UFO that interrupted a TV show. Lee Speigel: Eyewitnesses reported seeing the aerial object for up to two hours, and yet, no video has emerged showing how the UFO left the scene. So, the question ... Read More »

What Apple Is Driving At

Interesting perspective from Dan Gallagher on an Apple car. Apple fans may squeal at the prospect of an iCar. And Apple’s enormous financial resources — which include nearly $178 billion in cash — are often considered a ticket into any business. Questions about ... Read More »

An Apple Car Doesn’t Make Sense

I tend to agree with Zack Whittaker that the premium car industry would be a tough nut for Apple to crack. Apple first forayed into the automotive world when it introduced CarPlay. Available on just a handful of new cars in 2014, the dashboard-based system allows you ... Read More »

Apple’s Car Will Drive Itself

So says Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan with news from a Reuters article. According to an anonymous source close to the project, Apple's car project is all about developing a competitor to other high-profile self-driving car projects, including Google's. And apparently, the ... Read More »

Lifestyles Of The Rich And Poor

Dnaielle Kurtzleben with two charts that describe the historic differences between America's haves and have nots. The richest 20 percent of Americans spend an average of $99,000 per year, according to the Labor Department. That's nearly twice what the median household ... Read More »

Are You Hooked On iCloud?

When news is boring it's OK to just make up the news. Jonny Evans claims to know what Apple wants. Addiction to iCloud. Apple gives you just 5GB of space for free. Use more than that and you need to pay. This quantity of storage is no way large enough. Just think about ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S6 Goes All Out To Beat iPhone 6

Jay McGregor can't find factual news so resorts to the Good Ship Rumor Mill. Samsung might ditch the plastic design that has long served its flagship S series, in favour of a more premium metal finish. It’s done so with the Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha series – to critical ... Read More »

Very Cool Selfies

Some of these selfies collected on Brainjet are clever and that will lead to even more selfies. Who hasn't snapped a selfie? It is so common today that selfie has its own entry in Webster's Dictionary and was the 2013 word of the year! My favorite.  ... Read More »

iOS 9’s Best New Feature

Are you tired of trying to figure out how to use new features on your iPhone; features that are troublesome to use and don't always work right? Apple feels your pain. Darrell Etherington on what Apple plans to put into iOS 9 to assuage your pain. The major update for ... Read More »

Dumbest iPhone App Ever Is Brilliant

Zack Epstein sums up why LookFor is so stupidly brilliant and why almost everyone I know uses it now. LookFor is an application that’s so straightforward, when its founder Logan Riley set out to crowdfund the app so he could pay a developer to build it, he only had ... Read More »

Can Lollipop Save The Samsung Galaxy?

If the headline of an article ends in a question mark then the answer usually is no. Ewan Spence on how Google's Lollipop version of Android might save a few of Samsung's moribund Galaxy smartphones. Lollipop is an important stepping stone for Android, as it makes the ... Read More »

Neil Armstrong, Moon Memorabilia Thief

Robert Z. Pearlman on astronaut and first moonwalker Neil Armstrong's memorabilia stash. The first man to walk on the moon kept a bag full of small parts from the lunar module "Eagle" that he and his Apollo 11 crewmate Buzz Aldrin famously piloted to a landing at Tranquility ... Read More »

Google Has What Apple Does Not (or, does it?)

Google is mostly a search engine company that makes money by selling advertising. Apple is a gadget maker and makes money selling products. Google is trying hard to do what Apple does but the effort has come up short. Is it time for Apple to do what Google does? Jacob Siegal ... Read More »

Amazon Losing Billions

Wait. What? Just days after Apple announced the largest profits for any company ever on planet earth, Amazon's stock rose after the company posted an unexpected profit of $214-million on $29.33-billion in revenue. How is that losing billions? Timothy Green explains: Free ... Read More »

Android Malware Alert

Andy Boxall with the apps that Google removed from their Play app store because they were maliciously infecting millions of Android smartphones. If you’ve downloaded a card game called Durak from Google Play, you may want to delete it from your phone or tablet. Durak ... Read More »

6 Things You’re Spending Too Much Money On

A.J. Smith: No matter how tight our budgets or how stringent we think we are with our spending, it can seem like our money just evaporates. Instead of cutting out whole aspects of your life, it can be a good idea to consider specific things you consistently overspend on ... Read More »