New York Nemesis: King Kong, Godzilla, Now Bed Bugs

If it's not one thing, it's always something in New York. Joe Costales from the Transport Workers Union: We’ve never had sightings to this magnitude... It’s no longer an isolated scenario. It’s throughout the system. I use the subway daily to go from Brooklyn ... Read More »

The Fatberg

I wonder if we have anything like this in New York. Jim Edwards on London's "fat berg:" Thames Water, the company that keeps sewers flowing freely under London, has released a set of disgusting pictures of a "fatberg" that took a week to remove from a 262-foot stretch ... Read More »

The iPhone 6 Is Coming! Or, Is It?

Apple made it official. Something is coming on September 9th. But what? iPhone? iWatch? Apple's message and invitation to the media: The only clue is 'Wish we could say more.' Or, is there more? Yes. At least, a few clues. First on my list is the venue; the Flint ... Read More »

Google Tracks Every Step You Take

This really should not come as a surprise. BGR: Google’s mobile Maps apps for Android and the iPhone track everywhere you go. Every single day. All of the time... Even when the app is closed, your every move is tracked and stored on Google’s servers. Every day, every ... Read More »

Photos Of Ghosts

What can you do with a quantum camera? Take pictures of ghosts. Bryan Nelson: By utilizing a process that Einstein famously called "spooky," scientists have successfully caught "ghosts" on film for the first time using quantum cameras. Chris Carter was right. The truth ... Read More »

Chipotle To Replace Fast Food Joints

Hubris lives, even in the moribund fast food business. Hayley Peterson: A Chipotle executive blasted "traditional" fast food chains, such as McDonald's and Burger King, as "irrelevant" and said his company will eventually replace them. The numbers I found online are ... Read More »

Steve Jobs on Sports Illustrated’s ‘iPad’ Demo: ‘Stupid’

File this one in tidbits and trivia. Remember Sports Illustrated's tablet demonstration pre-iPad? Gabriel Sherman: Steve Jobs was upset that the company had released the prototype before he had had a chance to reveal the iPad — and a tablet edition of Time — to the ... Read More »

Amazon CEO’s Job Interview Questions

Vernon Gunnarson on CEO Jeff Bezos' three interview questions. It's been over 15 years since Bezos wrote about these hiring goals, but given Amazon's success, his advice is certainly worth considering. So, if you're interested in growing your team, first get a grip on your ... Read More »

7 Timeless Bits Of Japanese Wisdom

The assumption with 'bits of wisdom' is that if you follow them, you'll prosper. Kazuhiko Kuze came up with a list of seven practices Japanese use to bring good luck, fortune, and happiness. In Japan, people noticed from time immemorial that certain actions led to a good ... Read More »

Windows 9: Much Ado About Not Much

It's hard to believe that Windows 9 is already on the horizon, with a launch possible in September. Larry Dignan doesn't think much about Windows 9's impact on the marketplace, given the slow switch the cloud. While the Windows 9 christening will kick off a march to a ... Read More »

Comical Failure

Another hit piece on Amazon's problematic Fire phone. Tyler Hayes: Amazon’s new Fire phone got us pretty psyched when it was first announced. But now that we've spent some time with it, the Fire phone is a nightmare in the hand... I don’t think it’s particularly ... Read More »


Android fragmentation visualized. It's not pretty. OpenSignal: Fragmentation is both a strength and weakness of the Android ecosystem, a headache for developers that also provides the basis for Android’s global reach. Android devices come in all shapes and sizes, with ... Read More »

Artificial Intelligence To Doom Human Race

As if we're not doing a good job ourselves, super computers in the future-- those with artificial super intelligence-- may decide mankind has to go. Kathleen Miles: Superintelligence is any intellect that outperforms human intellect in every field, and Nick Bostrom thinks ... Read More »

How Microsoft’s Surface Pro Crushes MacBook Air And iPad Air

Tongue firmly planted in cheek, yours truly with a different way to compare Microsoft's slow selling Surface Pro with Apple's entry-level MacBook Air and iPad Air: Of nine important considerations, Microsoft wins four, two are tied, and Apple wins three. Microsoft’s ... Read More »

Radioactive Rice?

If your next piece of sushi glows in the dark, here's the reason. AFP: Japan is to restart exports of rice grown in Fukushima for the first time since foreign sales were halted due to fears of contamination by the nuclear disaster there How will a buyer know the rice ... Read More »

Not As Sharp As Samsung

The iPhone rumor mill is working overtime. James Cook has details on the latest rumor item-- the iPhone 6 screen resolution. If the rumors are true and the iPhone 6 will come in two models: one with a 4.7 inch screen and another with a 5.5 inch screen, then both will ... Read More »

‘If You Don’t Want To Get Shot, Shutup’

The shooting and violence in Missouri is shameful on all sides. Nick Wing with quotes from an L.A. cop: Even though it might sound harsh and impolitic, here is the bottom line: if you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ... Read More »

A New Sound From Apple

If ever there was a company intent on moving the bar, it's Apple. Sound systems are tried and true and not subject to much generational change, right? Patently Apple on a new Apple patent: Apple notes that their invention may be advantageous for acoustic transducers that ... Read More »

The Left-Handed Minority

Have you ever wondered why there are so many more people who are right-handed vs. left-handed? A few thoughts from Alasdair Wilkins: Handedness: Handedness - the idea that one hand is better able to perform certain tasks than the other - is, if not exclusively a human ... Read More »

Mistakes Atheists Make

Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie: I still find myself intrigued by the God-debunking that serious atheists offer. When Richard Dawkins claims that biology and evolution demonstrate that God does not exist, I must take notice, even if his arguments do not work for me. Interesting read. ... Read More »

No Surprise: Gregory Out, Todd In

It's official. Chuck Todd will replace the much maligned David Gregory on NBC's "Meet the Press." Tony Maglio: The move was anticipated for some time, and is expected to become official sometime on Thursday or Friday. Gregory is expected to leave NBC altogether Gregory ... Read More »

Apple’s Mind Boggling Opportunity

More hype than substance is a look at an emerging opportunity for Apple from TMF. The accompanying graphs are impressive, but the whole thing can be summed up in a single word: One of the biggest criticisms for Apple stock as a long-term investment is the company's size. ... Read More »

War Is Big Business

Stunning Graphic from BI on worldwide arms sales: They say the Cold War is over, but Russia and the U.S. remain the leading supplier of weapons to countries around the world and are the two biggest military powers... The U.S. supplies much of NATO and Middle Eastern allies ... Read More »

Samsung Copies Apple Again

Aaron Souppouris with the basics on Samsung's new Galaxy Alpha which looks like another familiar brand. Samsung has today announced the Galaxy Alpha, a smartphone with a metal frame. The Alpha is an ultra-thin (6.7mm) Android phone with a 4.7-inch 720p display, 12-megapixel ... Read More »