The Celebration Of Apple’s Old Logo

Apple CEO Tim Cook: Apple today announced that the company will resurrect the original rainbow Apple logo ahead of Apple’s 40th anniversary of the company’s founding on April 1, 1976 and also as an affirmation that Apple, an American company, believes that America ... Read More »

Psychologists: Personality Traits Make You Fat

Link bait from Drake Baer: Emotional eaters have a personality type.The next time you feel fat, don't stare at your scale wondering what went wrong. Instead, take a personality test. Uh huh. Right. Nothing goes wrong there. Researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute ... Read More »

Never Lose Another Earring

Good advice for women and men. Tess Panzer: Invest In Locking Ear Backs - Keep your earrings on your ears with earring backs that lock into place. Generally, the backs that come with your earrings are designed to keep them in place, but do not, however, offer any real ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6: ‘Ultimate’ Speed Test

This is laughable. Zach Epstein conducts a speed test, refers to it as the ultimate speed test, however, it's anything but. Samsung’s brand new flagship smartphones for the first half of 2015 are just weeks away from launching, and Android fans are clearly excited. ... Read More »

Apple’s New Plan

Instead of lowering prices or discounting prices Apple has a plan to eliminate competitors one customer at a time and move them into the company's vaunted ecosystem. Lisa Eadicicco: For the first time, Apple is letting you trade in your old Android, BlackBerry or Windows ... Read More »

‘There’s Something Very Dangerous Happening’

ABC quotes Apple CEO Tim Cook: America's business community recognized a long time ago that discrimination, in all its forms, is bad for business. At Apple, we are in business to empower and enrich our customers' lives. We strive to do business in a way that is just and ... Read More »

Google’s Political Pandering

Yes, the Obama Administration is the most transparent White House in years. Uh huh. Sure. They even disclose who visits and how often, but not why. Brody Mullins includes Google on the list. Since Mr. Obama took office, employees of the Mountain View, Calif., company ... Read More »

The Unfriendliest City In The World

Everyone has a list of the good and the bad. 2,005 people survey in the US came to the conclusion that the Golden Rule is absent in at least one American city. Brittany Jones Cooper on which cities topped the list: New York City has long had a reputation for being a rude ... Read More »

9 Jobs Where Women Out-earn Men

So much for equal pay for equal work. The US Census Bureau has a list of the pay gap between genders; specifically where women out-earn men. Producers and directors Vehicle cleaners Wholesale and retail buyers Security screeners Human service assistants Special ... Read More »

14 Amazing Things Apple Watch Can Do

Amid all the noise and criticism for a use case or value proposition for Apple Watch, Lisette Mejia came up with a list. Comes with different faces that you can customize by design; can also choose what information displays (like weather, calendar events, etc.) Swipe ... Read More »

The Right Way To Use Toilet Paper

There's a patent for toilet paper so there must be an official way to use it. Jenny Che with the dirty details. According to an 1891 patent by New York businessman Seth Wheeler, the end of a toilet paper roll should be on the outside, or in the “over” position. (Advocates ... Read More »

RIP Internet Explorer

Microsoft's venerable, much maligned, and often hated Internet Explorer browser is about to become a footnote in the internet's history. Dan Tynan wraps it up. Microsoft Internet Explorer, a browser familiar to many and loved by few, passed away today after a long illness. ... Read More »

Flight Attendants Have A Secret Language

I travel often across the U.S. to Europe and back often, and I can vouch for this piece from former flight attendant, teacher, and burlesque performer, Blissom Booblé. Here's a sample. Lips And Tips A reference to a flight attendant’s matching fingernails and lipstick.  ... Read More »

5 iPhone Secrets

A nice list of reminders from Zach Epstein on five things you probably didn't know you could do on your iPhone (or, probably forgot, or, probably use all the time, or...). If you’re an enthusiastic, tech savvy iPhone fan, the odds are pretty good that the iPhone is an ... Read More »

‘Right To Work’ And ‘Internet Freedom’

New items to hit the news in recent weeks include so-called Right to Work laws and the Internet Freedom Act. Ryan Cooper on the former. A major plank of the conservative agenda these days is so-called "Right to Work" laws, something Scott Walker recently passed in Wisconsin. ... Read More »

What Every Woman Needs to Know Before Shaving Her Face

From Cosmo: On top of marrying multiple rich dudes, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor had something else in common: They both shaved their faces and had amazing skin because of it. Uh oh. Can shaving a woman's face be a good thing? Dermaplaning (the clinical term ... Read More »

New Apple Watch Coming This Fall?

So says one of the more accurate Apple analysts, Ming-Chi Kuo. Neil Hughes dishes the deal. Kuo said he expects at least one, but as many as three, new casings to go into production in the fourth quarter of calendar 2015. Those new models, he said, could debut as soon ... Read More »

No One Is Buying Amazon’s Fire Tablets

Shocker. So, it's not just Apple that is having trouble pushing tablets in an era when smartphone phablets are almost as big and do more? Sam Mattera explains why. Amazon was still the world's fifth-largest tablet vendor in the fourth quarter, according to IDC, shipping ... Read More »

The Website Walmart Hates

The company that many people love to hate found a website it loves to hate. It's called Hayley Peterson with the details: Wal-Mart is specifically upset over the website's domain name — — according to the site's creator, Jeph Jacques. On ... Read More »

Fox News And Bill O’Reilly

Sophia A. McClennen on an issue near and dear to my heart. Accuracy in news. Or, rather, lack of it. Much has been made in the last few weeks of the factual nature of the news. Amidst allegations that NBC News anchor Brian Williams was less than accurate in claims about ... Read More »

And Now, New Adapters

When will our cable and adapter nightmare every end? Answer. It won't. John Callahan tells the story about USB-C adapters coming to the new MacBook which features a single connector to handle battery, USB, and video out. (Apple) shows both a USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter ... Read More »

On Respecting Apple

Jim Dalrymple on Apple's new ResearchKit, introduced during Monday's 'Spring Forward' event. Name another technology gadget company that does this. ResearchKit is a software framework that allows doctors and researchers to gather data more frequently and accurately than ... Read More »

What You Wouldn’t Like About An iPhone With More Battery Life

I'm not going to grumble about my iPhone 6 Plus battery life. I can get two to three days with average use, and more than a full day with crazy heavy use (calls, FaceTime, games, photos and movies). Apparently if the iPhone had better battery life then we wouldn't like it ... Read More »

Apple Maps Alert

Zac Hall with details on an Apple patent that notifies you when the cell phone signal is weak. The USPTO awarded Apple with a patent to analyze routes between two locations and “employ an algorithm that considers wireless network signal strengths along those routes.” In ... Read More »