The 16 Year Selfie

J.K. Keller took daily self-portraits from the same angle for 16 years. Gwen Breitstein has details on how one man responded to a challenge from his girlfriend.He now has over 5,000 photos, which he has complied into a mesmerizing time-lapse video more than three minutes ... Read More »

Biggest Change Coming To iOS 9 For iPhone 6s

This new feature shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's used the new Force Touch trackpad on the new MacBook, and both 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models. Gordon Kelly: For the uninitiated Force Touch was launched with the Apple Watch and has also now made it ... Read More »

Best Final Jeopardy Answer Ever

It's actually a question rather than an answer but it might be the absolute best, if not the funniest or strangest-- ever. Nate Scott:When given the answer "A Christian hymn and Jewish holiday hymn are both titled this, also the name of a 2009 Tony-nominated musical," ... Read More »

Android Diehard Won’t Look Back After Switch To iPhone

An Android user's recent experience:I went with the 16GB iPhone 6 and over the past 2 months I have fallen in love,” Sheehan7 said in his post. “The operating system is just so [fluid] and reliable and the designs are sleek (I REALLY love the menu when in a call, ... Read More »

39 Disney World Facts You Probably Don’t Know

I love lists like this. Hilary White: The happiest place on Earth also happens to be one of the most interesting. Disney World has been around for nearly half a century, and with age comes good stories — and lots of them. The stories are a good read if you can stomach ... Read More »

The Dangers Of Breastfeeding

Monica Beyer:In Oklahoma, mothers can nurse their babies wherever they have a legal right to be, but apparently the property manager at a particular apartment building didn’t get the memo, because he initially told Missy Smith that if he got another complaint about ... Read More »

Speed Test: Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6

Can your eyes be tricked? Adrian Isen's YouTube video pits the Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6. BGR's detail:The Galaxy S6 edge had upload speeds of 169.18Mbps and 153.34Mbps and download speeds of 185.67Mbps and 181.09Mbps. Comparatively, the iPhone 6 Plus had upload speeds ... Read More »

The Free Phone

Chris Smith on something T-Mobile might be cooking up to retain its title as 'the uncarrier'-- free phones:What if free phones were also offered alongside prepaid service plans? It looks like this intriguing plan might end up being T-Mobile’s next “uncarrier” ... Read More »

How Far Does A $15 Minimum Wage Go?

AP with a list of what you can get with a $15-per hour minimum wage in various cities:The minimum wage in Los Angeles could increase to $15 an hour by 2020 under a plan given initial approval by the City Council. That's a 67 percent increase from the current minimum ... Read More »

6 Secret iPhone Functions

It's really one hidden feature which gives you one of six secret options. Zach Epstein makes a mountain from a molehill.The Accessibility section within Apple’s Settings app on iPhones and iPads likely makes the iOS platform the best on the planet for people with a ... Read More »

The New Oreo

I love these specialty flavors. Zoe Bain on the new Oreo flavor.S'mores Oreos (or s'mOreos, as I like to call them) will hit stores beginning May 22. They feature a graham cracker cookie (for the first time in Oreo history) and two layers of creme filling: marshmallow ... Read More »

A Phone Feature I Want On My iPhone

A look at E-Ink on a smartphone from my friend and colleague, Barbara Marie Brannan on Mac360.This latest incarnation of YotaPhone has a built-in mirror mode which lets Android and apps run on the E-Ink screen. Talk about good battery life. The E-Ink screen is 4.7-inches, ... Read More »

9 Hidden Gmail Features

I use Gmail, but sparingly, thanks to my highly developed fear of Google. Brad Reed has a few Gmail features I didn't know about. Accessing these features is incredibly simple: Click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Gmail window and click on Settings. ... Read More »

Amazon Echo

James Kendrick loves his Amazon Echo.When Amazon unveiled the Echo last year many didn't know quite what to make of it. A simple black cylinder that was an audio system and window into the web all wrapped up in one, and operated almost entirely by voice. Voice operation ... Read More »

The McDonald’s Diet

There is probably more going on here than meets the eye, but this is scary. Khushbu Shah on how a McDonald's-only diet ruined a college kid's health.It’s common knowledge that fast food isn’t exactly healthy, but just how unhealthy is it? According to Tim Spector, ... Read More »

5 Great Google Tricks

Nice list of things you can do with Google that you probably didn't know about from Zach Epstein:Google search is about much more than just hunting down answers to your questions or finding the right webpage to explain how something works. Google can perform all sorts ... Read More »

The $9 PC

Where will this nonsense end? Android and Windows are free. Notebooks and tablets are $100. Now there's a PC starting at $9. Christina Medici Scolaro with details.C.H.I.P. is a micro-computer that allows you to surf the Web, check email over Wi-Fi and play games with ... Read More »

‘Aging Is Not For Sissies’

'10' actress Bo Derek on aging:I realize how artificial it is, beauty. I realize that it doesn't last forever, that's for damn sure... Aging is really hard," she said. "And it's tough. Bette Davis was right; it's not for sissies, it really isn't... And there is a certain ... Read More »

Consumer Reports Loves Watch

Consumer Reports tested 11 smartwatch models from eight manufacturers and found a favorite.In the end, our top-rated smartwatch is the stainless-steel Apple Watch. Its performance on the scratch-resistance test and excellent scores for ease of pairing and ease of interaction ... Read More »

Men And The 80-hour Work Week

Fact? Or, fiction? Shana Lebowitz with details on a study of men who pretend to work long hours, and the fakers who receive the same praise as workaholics.The study, conducted by Erin Reid, Ph.D., assistant professor of organization at Boston University's Questrom School ... Read More »

Images Of Thunder

Lightning is visible, but so is thunder. Michelle Starr on the complicated discovery that thunder-- sound-- can be viewed:An array of 15 microphones, each spaced one metre (3.3 feet) apart, was then placed 95 metres (about 310 feet) from the rocket launch pad. Post-signal ... Read More »

8 ‘Infuriating’ Problems With Apple Watch

Damon Beres on what I call Launchgate: For a luxury device that costs anywhere from $349 to $17,000, that's not exactly comforting.Of course, it's also not surprising for a new product to have problems. In 2010, Apple's iPhone 4 launch was tarnished by a design glitch ... Read More »

The Year Of Linux: Again

James Anderson quoted in Linux and Open Source:It's hard to imagine having to use expensive, proprietary software for the computers we rebuild and send to high-poverty places in Africa. Linux being free and open is a boon for those kids who get the computers. Being virus-free ... Read More »

Anti-Semite Is Jewish

Karma's a bitch. BBC on Csanad Szegedi:Three years ago, a Hungarian far-right politician with a strong line in anti-Semitism discovered that he was Jewish. He left his party, and set out on a remarkable personal journey to learn and practise his Jewish faith.Interesting ... Read More »