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Walmart's MCX-based Apple Pay competitor is the CurrentC app, for Android and iOS devices. Check out the reviews on the iTunes App Store. Over 3,000 reviews, averaging one star. A sample. Terrible. Design fail. What idiot green lit this? Use at your own risk. I wish I ... Read More »

Amazon: Fire Phone Pricing ‘Wrong’

What a shock. Charlie Osborne with the skinny on Amazon's latest in a long trail of product failures. Last week, the online retail giant released third-quarter financial results which fell far short of expectations. The Seattle-based firm reported a net loss of $437 million, ... Read More »

The Father Of Android Says ‘Buh Bye’

Co-founder and former head of Google's Android mobile business, Andy Rubin, is leaving Google. WSJ: Google executive Sundar Pichai took over Android from Mr. Rubin in early 2013. Mr. Pichai is considered a more open, collaborative executive more suited to the task of ... Read More »

Beleaguered Samsung

Everything you ever wanted to know about how Android's flagship manufacturer is falling on hard times. Jan Dawson on what went wrong: Differentiation has always been the key to high margins in consumer electronics, and Samsung has failed to achieve it. Differentiation ... Read More »

Unlimited Doesn’t Mean Limited

I dumped AT&T because their unlimited data plan was throttled, which limited unlimited data. Years later the FTC agrees. From L.A. Times: The Federal Trade Commission is suing AT&T Wireless, saying it is seeking millions of dollars in restitution for customers who ... Read More »

TV: A Whopper Of A Change

IF the FCC gets what it wants, we'll see a tidal wave of change hit the television industry in a few short years. Nilay Patel: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler just proposed a rule change that would require cable and broadcast networks to sell their programming to any company ... Read More »

Apple Pay Competitors Boycotted

We have not seen the last of this. Apple Pay is being blocked by some retailers and customers have already started a boycott. Josh Constine: Long before Apple Pay, big brick-and-mortar retail chains were conspiring to sidestep the typical 2% to 3% fees they’re charged ... Read More »

Why Pound Cake Is Called Pound Cake

Julie R. Thomson solves one of life's mysteries: Pound cake gets its name from the fact that it calls for a pound of flour, a pound of butter (yes!), a pound of sugar and a pound of eggs. That's it. If that sounds like a lot of cake, you can cut the ingredients in half ... Read More »

The Cloud: ‘Never Fully Secure’

This doesn't bode well for the future. Eileen Yu: Hackers today continue to outsmart cloud service providers and local jurisdictions involving cloud data, such as those in the U.S., have triggered serious concerns about data sovereignty. However, the lack of security ... Read More »

Android 5.0 Feature To ‘All’ Android Smartphones

Zach Epstein needs to alter the headline to match reality. One of the coolest features from the Moto X is apparently coming to all top Android phones in Google’s new Android 5.0 Lollipop update. Yes, that's the update that absolutely positively will not go to all ... Read More »

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Letter

No, Cook didn't write one to me, but did send an internal letter to Apple employees following the company's record breaking financial quarter. Team, Today we reported Apple’s highest September quarter revenue ever and our strongest revenue growth rate in seven quarters. ... Read More »

Internet Lies

This 'article' explains why the internet is often called the misinformation superhighway. It's from Silicon Valley Insider. Many have heard about the short comings of Apple's new iPhone. No. The iPhone 6 models receive raving reviews. You see, Apple has been scrambling ... Read More »

Apple Did It Again

The new iPads, Macs, and OS X Yosemite, Apple Pay, and iOS 8.1 are expected. Also expected is Apple's uncanny ability to make this year's product just enough better and more desirable that customers who just bought last year's product happy to give it away as a hand-me-down ... Read More »

iTunes: ‘A Rose By Any Other Name…”

iTunes is an unwieldy mass media mall that sprawls over the digital countryside of your Mac's screen. iTunes 12 is merely a new color of paint on the walls, and new striping on the parking lot. Otherwise, same old iTunes. Nick Peers on the changes in version 12. The new ... Read More »

Watch and Wait

No new Apple TV at the latest event, so every competitor has a product with more channels, faster CPU, more storage, and a lower price. Christopher Breen sums it up. I’m going to double down on the as-yet-unannounced, next-gen Apple TV. And I’ll do so because, upon ... Read More »

A ‘Very Dark Place’

FBI Director James Comey steps up his attack on personal encryption: We have the legal authority to intercept and access communications and information pursuant to court order, but we often lack the technical ability to do so... if the challenges of real-time interception ... Read More »

The Battle for Eyeballs

Good summary from ZDNet (oddly, no byline) on how Facebook is battling Google for online revenue. The battle is particularly intense in the fast-growing mobile ad segment: Google's share has dipped slightly over the past two years to 44.6 percent, while Facebook has grabbed ... Read More »

Big Phablet, Low Price

Lots of high end hardware specifications on Google's new Nexus 6 phablet (and Nexus 9 tablet). Zack Whittaker: Google's Nexus 6 "phablet" phone was built by Motorola. It features a a 5.9-inch quad-HD display with a resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 pixels (or 493 pixels-per-inch, ... Read More »

Worst Jeopardy Story Ever

It's a tradition. Jeopardy host Alex Trebek asked Boston-based physics major Dan Tran to share something interesting about himself: So when I was a senior in high school, I took French in high school, we went on an exchange trip, and we arrived incredibly jet-lagged. ... Read More »

Apple Watch Has An Achilles Heel

This is before anyone has had a chance to use an Apple Watch or more than a few minutes, but Jess Bolluyt thinks battery life is the devices Achilles heel. It seems increasingly likely that Apple has chosen to compromise battery life to build a smartwatch packed with ... Read More »

$3,400 DSLR, Meet iPhone 6 Plus

This comparison from Lee Hitchinson makes me think Apple might be working on an ubercamera. Here's a comparison of a $3,400 Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR to Apple's iPhone 6 Plus. The idea here is that the person, not the gear, takes the picture. And there is a (likely apocryphal) ... Read More »

Old Disease At The New Microsoft

Newly minted CEO Satya Nadella on women and compensation within the Microsoft workforce. It's not really about asking for the raise, but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along... Because that's good karma. It'll ... Read More »

‘If it’s not one thing, it’s always something’

Thank you, Roseanne Roseannadanna. Just when you thought Bendghazi had drifted away, there's another. This one is called Hairgate or Beardgate. Read this package of lies carefully. iPhone 6, the most wanted smartphone of the year by Apple, has seen harsh reviews and ... Read More »

The Sport Of Apple Slamming

Ken Segall's view on Bendgate, Bendghazi, and the art of slamming Apple for fun and profit, and how Apple overcomes all the manufactured scandals. Apple’s resilience isn’t a fluke, and it doesn’t result from some kind of mind control over sheeplike customers. It’s ... Read More »