Chrome Is Everywhere

Quick. Which web browser has the largest share on all major platforms? Microsoft's Internet Explorer? Mozilla's Firefox? Apple's Safari? Google's Chrome? James Kendrick: Google has constantly adapted Chrome to be a complete ecosystem that branches across Windows, Macs, ... Read More »

Just What Apple Needs

Friend and co-worker Bambi Brannan on Yahoo's attempts to put a wedge between Apple and Google, and why it's a good idea (it is). Google’s advertising business is going downhill. It’s a one trick pony and the pony is wheezing up a fur ball (tail ball?) of financial ... Read More »

Why Apple Is Making A Larger iPhone

Cameron Fuller spills more beans on the pile of spilled beans. Apple will make a larger iPhone this year. Why? Do tell. Most likely it’s competition that is forcing Tim Cook’s hand. Duh. Ultimately, the increase in size most likely comes as a response to flailing ... Read More »

Heartbleed Bug: Android, 90,000,000. Apple, 0

If you haven't heard the Heartbleed security risk news, then you've been traveling abroad. As in Jupiter. Who's affected the most? People who shop online, have online bank accounts, or log in through standard SSL-enabled websites. Second on the list? Owners of Android-based ... Read More »

Samsung’s Fingerprint Scanner Hacked, Paypal Accounts At Risk

This is more sensationalistic than worrisome but it points out two obvious issues. Samsung copies Apple. Samsung's copies are not as good as Apple's originals. Zach Epstein on the problem with Samsung's new Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner. The good news is that we have ... Read More »

Heartbleed’s Lesson: Passwords Must Die

The concept is sound, but the devil is in the details. Jason Perlow updates an article from three years ago on why passwords must die. The Heartbleed bug in the Open Source OpenSSL library has brought renewed attention to the weaknesses of passwords, the mechanism that ... Read More »

Android: ‘Toxic HellStew Of Vulnerabilities’

You won't hear Google talk much about malware or Android fragmentation, but both are real and growing problems that don't really exist on Apple's devices. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Android itself is a strong operating system, but the way that the platform is delivered ... Read More »

Small iWatch, Big Price Tag

That's the analysis from Bambi Brannan on Apple's highly anticipated iWatch. Alright, so my prevailing wisdom and a few clever examples dictate that when it comes to Apple, smaller devices come with larger price tags. If so, how could any bona fide, card-carrying, ... Read More »

What Do Amazon Shoppers Think Of Fire TV?

It's still early in the game but Michael Comeau checked out the reviews for Amazon's Fire TV (what some are calling Apple TV 'Plus'). Out of over 1,200 reviews, average score is 3.5 starts. Good, right? So how does that compare to the competition? Not so well. As ... Read More »

Busted Shopping Myths

Great list from Victor Paul Alvarez on the common shopping myths that need busting. Please step away from that expensive HDMI cable. You don't need it. A $4 HDMI cable is just as good as the $50 cord some retailers want you to buy. What else? 4K TVs Are Better ... Read More »

What’s Cheaper At Whole Foods

I love shopping at Whole Foods but money is an object for me at the store where money doesn't seem to be an object for many customers. Gina Briles has a list of what's cheaper at Whole Foods. Nicknamed "Whole Paycheck" by snarky shoppers, Whole Foods Market has earned a ... Read More »

Steve Jobs On The ‘Television Problem’

Good roundup of the issues for and against an Apple television. Zachary M. Seward with a quote from Steve Jobs: It’s not a problem of technology, it’s not a problem of vision, it’s a fundamental go-to-market problem. There isn’t a cable operator that’s national. ... Read More »

Beer You’ve Never Heard Of

Every legal drinking age member of the MacKenzie family loves a good beer, and we have plenty of variety in New York. Here's a list of beers I've never heard of from Joanna Prisco. Anderson Valley Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Stout Thirsty Dog Wulver Sierra Nevada/Russian ... Read More »

‘I’ll Believe It When I See It’

Charge your smartphone in 30-seconds? Brad Reed with details on Israeli startup StoreDot: The charger works by using “‘nanodots’ derived from bio-organic material that, due to their size, have both increased electrode capacitance and electrolyte performance, resulting ... Read More »

Amazon’s New Fire TV

Just in time to compete with Apple's Apple TV, Google's Chromecast, and Roku is Amazon's new Fire TV. CEO Jeff Bezos: Tiny box, huge specs, tons of content, incredible price—people are going to love Fire TV. Specs include a quad-core CPU, dedicated GPU, Wi-Fi, 2GB ... Read More »

Fantastical For iPad

My favorite iPhone Calendar substitute, now available on the iPad. Fantastical. Redesigned and reimagined for your iPad with iOS 7. With the convenient Fantastical Dashboard, you’ll add, view, and interact with your events and reminders with ease. Great for those ... Read More »

Wife Dies, Husband Wins Lottery Next Day

I'm not sure whether to call this good fortune or bad luck. Susanna Kim: A California truck driver was hit with tragedy and a windfall in the same weekend when his wife died of a heart attack on March 22 and he won $650,000 from the state lottery the next day. How ... Read More »

Still A Dream

Former Apple VP Jean-Louis Gassée on the problems in the television industry. In most locations, cable companies have little or no competition, so there’s no reason for them to do anything more than milk the most profit from a cheap infrastructure. It doesn’t have ... Read More »

Apple TV: Fear And Loathing

From my friend and colleague Bambi Brannan on Roku's CEO bashing Apple TV (he's they guy who said Apple is losing money): Apple sells more Apple TVs than Roku or Google sells of their sticks and boxes, so who is really, truly, deeply losing money? Plus, Apple TV is ... Read More »

Best Smartphone Display Ever

Brad Reed on what he thinks is the best smartphone display you can buy. Hint: It's not from Apple. Samsung placed less emphasis on boosting the top-line specs such as pixel density on the Galaxy S5, mostly because today’s smartphone displays already have resolutions ... Read More »

‘Why I can live without Office for iPad’

Ever the contrarian, Adrian Kinglsey-Hughes on life without Office on the iPad: I've taken a look at Office for iPad and there's no doubt that it's an impressive piece of software. At a time when Microsoft is hell-bent on going against what it's customers want – think ... Read More »

Can Your Mac Run OS X 10.10 Bakersfield?

Mac OS X 10.10 should be announced at Apple's WWDC this summer and ship later in the year. Will your Mac be able to run the latest and greatest OS X (I officially dub thee 'Bakersfield')? Simon Royal wades through the options: Apple switched from its cat naming scheme ... Read More »

How Big Is Apple’s Apple TV Problem?

Yours truly on Mac360 with another persecutive on Apple's non-forthcoming television, and the problem Apple has in dealing with the TV industry. Apple TV as a set top box sanctioned by the TV industry would be the conduit. Apple would also be in position to stream TV ... Read More »

Why Apple Is So Rich

Insight from my West Coast friend, Barbara Marie Brannan (she hates to be called that) on why Apple is such a rich company. The average PC sells for less than $600. The average Mac selling price is about twice that. Need an iPhone or iPad with more than the 16GB minimum ... Read More »