Apple’s Invisible Product Pipeline Might Be More Visible Than Critics Think

Back in 2012, a few months after Steve Jobs died, newly crowned CEO Tim Cook told analysts that Apple had some amazing products in the pipeline. We waited until 2013 and Tim Cook said the same thing. Amazing products are coming. Now it's 2014 and guess what? Tim Cook's song ... Read More »

The Good News About Apple’s Stock Price Drop

Apple reported record revenue and profits. Again. And AAPL dropped like a rock on the market. Again. Is there anything good to take from all this? Yes. Investor Carl Icahn took a bath on his AAPL holdings. I don't want to rejoice in the misery of others, but in his ... Read More »

30 Years Later: How 2014 Could Be Exactly Like 1984

Yes, I plan to watch the Super Bowl. Why? The TV commercials. The game might be interesting, but it's the television commercials that everyone else will be talking about for days afterwards. Besides some entertainment sprinkled throughout the game, what am I looking for? A ... Read More »

What Happens When Google Glass Disappears?

Consider my title a serious question, but it's not exactly what you think. I'm not advocating that Google Glass (or even Apple's own version, iGlasses; hint, wink, nudge) fail in the marketplace and become a footnote in technology history. My view is quite the contrary. ... Read More »

Apple vs. Google: In Search Of A Savior

Neither Apple nor Google are perfect companies. While Apple isn't the perfectly curated company their image might imply, Google isn't the perfectly evil company critics seem to see. But both companies are not far from what we see in each. Apple is the company that prefers ... Read More »

How And Why China Mobile Is Not A Big Deal For Apple (if you don’t like facts or numbers)

Apple has been in China for years already, for both manufacturing and sales. The big news this year is that Apple and China Mobile, the world's largest cell phone company, are about to tie the knot. What it means for Apple is obvious. More iPhone sales. What it means ... Read More »

A Few Thoughts On Apple’s New Enemies List, And Whatever Happened To Microsoft?

Every company in the technology sector has a list of competitors, an 'enemies list,' if you will. Back in the day, Apple's most obvious nemesis was Microsoft, which was really the titular leader of the once vaunted Wintel hegemony, made up of Intel, Dell, H-P, and other ... Read More »

Apple’s Hidden Market Disruption: ‘Analog Dollars’ vs. ‘Digital Pennies’

Apple in general, and CEO Tim Cook specifically, have been skewered in the past couple of years because the Mac, iPhone, and iPad maker has not disrupted any traditional market with new products. That's not true. The critics are shortsighted. Apple has already disrupted ... Read More »

How The Wireless World Is Starting To Get Scary

In the Terminator movies the networked Skynet artificial intelligence system becomes self-aware and attempts to exterminate the human race. While perhaps far fetched, the premise and the movie's antagonists are scary warnings about what could happen in the future when machines ... Read More »

How Apple’s iGlasses Will Be Different Than Google’s ‘Glassholes’ Experiment

You've got to hand it to Google. The search engine giant is willing to try anything to diversify the company's revenue and profit model. Google may have a reputation for abandoning products left and right, but at least they're throwing a lot of mud on the wall to see what ... Read More »

2014: The Year Of Apple? Or, Google? Or, Samsung? Or, Microsoft? Or, Amazon? Or, Linux?

When is Apple going to have a good year? That likely depends on how you measure 'good.' Apple's iOS marketshare vs. Android-based devices continues to drop. 2014 isn't likely to be much different. Sales of Windows PCs remain weaken because of the tablet revolution and some ... Read More »

Apple And The Two Types Of Product Innovation

What is innovation and how does it apply to Apple? After all, Apple has a reputation for disrupting entire industries with innovative new products. A few examples of massive disruption from Apple: Mac iPod iTunes Store iPhone iPad Yet, Apple is often criticized ... Read More »

Erasability: The Fly In Google’s Ointment, And Apple’s Icing On The Cake

Here's something that is long overdue. Erasability. More precisely, internet erasability. The idea isn't new, of course. Who among us wouldn't want to see our online tracks and audit trails vanquished after a day or two? The website and social network Snapchat has gained ... Read More »

Apple, Samsung, And Catching A Greased, Squealing Pig

The competitive saga between Apple and Samsung continues. True colors are often revealed in the heat of battle. If so, how do Apple and Samsung fare? Apple's Mac has enjoyed a resurgent renaissance. The iPhone and iPad are the most used smartphones and tablets in the ... Read More »

Apple, The iPhone, And China Mobile

The news that didn't make much noise this past week was Apple finally landing a deal with China Mobile, the world's largest carrier. How large? Larger than AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Combined. Times two. To say that China Mobile is a big deal for Apple and the iPhone ... Read More »

The Key Point Of Differentiation Between Android Customers And iPhone, iPad Customers

Technology pundits often compare competing products based upon hardware statistics and price. Seldom do you read much about 'total cost of ownership' of PCs, smartphones, or tablets. Seldom do you read about what customers actually do with the devices they buy. I don't ... Read More »

How Logic Dictates That Android Cannot Win

Common wisdom among tech pundits dictates that 'free and open always win.' If so, where? Linux? Android smartphone marketshare? Yes. Among servers, Linux, in a number of flavors, is the de facto standard. Among the world's many hundreds of millions of modern smartphones, ... Read More »

Apple’s Latest Retail Move Is Just Like Walmart

If there was ever a stark contrast in retail strategy and implementation it's the gulf between Apple and Walmart. Yes, both are retail stores and sell Apple products but that's about where the commonalities end. Apple's stores have plenty of associates wandering the aisles, ... Read More »

Death Of A Unicorn: No Apple Television For You

As much as we want to believe in Santa, Tinkerbell, Unicorns, and an Apple television, they all belong in the camp of The Soup Nazi. No dreams come true for you! No Apple television for you! It's not that Apple couldn't design and manufacture a television to compete with ... Read More »

A Few Words On The Dumbing Down Of OS X Mavericks

Seldom does Apple launch a new version of anything these days without some notable hiccups. Maybe that's just the nature of software these days. Any new version of anything should be treated as a beta, and early adopters are really more beta testers than customers. OS ... Read More »

Every Mac User Needs This File And Folder Tool (Episode 39 of ‘Apple Needs To Put This In OS X’)

One of the benefits of a robust Mac app development community is that the bar is steadily pushed higher. Developers build apps, utilities, tools which do what users want and need, and what Apple doesn't provide in OS X. One of my favorite and oldest utilities is Default ... Read More »

The Perfect App For The Mac User Whose Life Is Worth Living And Remembering

Most of us would answer in the affirmative when asked, 'Is life worth living?' A life worth living is also a life worth remembering, but most of us are so busy with the day-to-day aspects of life that we simply don't sit down and record what happens so we'll be able to reflect ... Read More »

How Paid Market Research And Fake Facts Hurt Apple

Remember way back in the mid-to-late 90's when Apple was beleaguered and near death? Beleaguered? Sure. I read about it in the news. Every technology pundit on the web was predicting Apple's impending death. Along came co-founder Steve Jobs and the rest is history. Apple ... Read More »

A Funny Thing Happened To Apple On The Road To Doom And Gloom

Headlines do not always an accurate story tell, but if you've been following Apple's more recent exploits, especially beyond the headlines, you've probably sensed a difference in how the world turns. At least, Apple's world. The headlines read that Android smartphones ... Read More »