Why Apple’s Health Is About To Improve

My crystal ball is shined up and dust free. What does it say about Apple's immediate future? Good health is on the horizon. Not just financial health, either, but Apple's rapid foray into the wearable health technology industry. Yes, I know you can already buy all kinds ... Read More »

Barbarians At Apple’s Gate (or, ‘Why You Can Fool Some People All The Time’)

That Apple has plenty of detractors is well known. The company also has hundreds of millions of customers, and most of them don't give a rat's patootie about a little known analyst named Trip Chowdry who wants Apple to dispose of CEO Tim Cook. His latest message? Apple ... Read More »

Freezing Hell: Microsoft And Android Smartphones

That Apple changed the course of the smartphone industry is well understood. That Microsoft was caught flatfooted behind the iPhone's success is also well know. The Windows maker didn't view Apple's iPhone as a serious threat and the company suffers with a tiny single digit ... Read More »

Clinging To The Past: Wherefore Art Thou Mac Users That Time Forgot

When I can't sleep I do strange things. No, I don't sleepwalk, walk the streets, or exercise. Usually, when a bit of insomnia strikes, I read, I dig through dozens of websites for tidbits, I work, and sometimes I rummage through my website's visitor logs. Logs can be ... Read More »

Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia, Russia and Ukraine: Irony Much?

That Samsung would introduce a fingerprint security feature in the new Galaxy 5S smartphone was a foregone conclusion. Why? Because Apple introduced a fingerprint security feature in the iPhone 5S. Follow the leader is how the technology world works, folks. Over the weekend ... Read More »

Samsung’s Galaxy S5: Shooting For Apple’s Crumbs

Samsung has given up trying to top Apple from its perch as the profit-owning premium brand, and is content with licking up the crumbs at the bottom of the smartphone market. How so? The Galaxy S5 tells the tale. Though Samsung stuffs in plenty of hardware specifications ... Read More »

Coming Soon: Free Hardware

In an era where everyone carries a smartphone with a video camera it makes you wonder why politicians and pundits say the crazy things they say. Someone is recording every word on Fox News so it can be played back and laughed at on The Daily Show. Here's a crazy one I'll ... Read More »

Apple On Privacy: One Man’s Stingy Is Another Man’s Personal Privacy Advocate

You know you're doing something right when the bad guys cry foul. Guess what? Advertisers are not happy with Apple (and Amazon). Why not? Both are considered to be stingy and won't cough up the customer data that advertisers want. Why not? Apple runs iAds, an advertising ... Read More »

What Apple Knows That Samsung, Microsoft, And Google Do Not Know

Last week I read an article which pitted various tablets against the iPhone in a sort of battery life shootout. Which tablet won? Take a guess. Apple's new iPad Air crushed the competition, with some Samsung models coming in dead last on both internet and video use tests. What ... Read More »

Apple, Google, And Legalized Gambling

Based upon how well both Google and Amazon are doing in the stock market the past couple of years, I've determined that much of the investment community is rigged. Either that, or it's a form of legalized gambling controlled by a mob of very rich people who only work to ... Read More »

All That’s Truly Wrong With Apple TV

Ah, Apple TV. Where shall I begin? If ever there was an Apple product that doesn't get much love but sells well anyway, it's Apple TV. Only Apple knows for sure how many Apple TVs have been sold or are in use today, but it's obvious the cute little device has a certain attractive ... Read More »

Apple On Top: Is The U.S. Smartphone Market A Glimpse Of The Future (or, an anomaly)?

Another day, another graph which shows Apple's iPhone taking a beating from Android in the worldwide smartphone market. Yet, there's a graph and some tracking data research which shows Apple's iPhone gaining marketshare against Android smartphones. What's going on? Is ... Read More »

Apple’s Invisible Product Pipeline Might Be More Visible Than Critics Think

Back in 2012, a few months after Steve Jobs died, newly crowned CEO Tim Cook told analysts that Apple had some amazing products in the pipeline. We waited until 2013 and Tim Cook said the same thing. Amazing products are coming. Now it's 2014 and guess what? Tim Cook's song ... Read More »

The Good News About Apple’s Stock Price Drop

Apple reported record revenue and profits. Again. And AAPL dropped like a rock on the market. Again. Is there anything good to take from all this? Yes. Investor Carl Icahn took a bath on his AAPL holdings. I don't want to rejoice in the misery of others, but in his ... Read More »

30 Years Later: How 2014 Could Be Exactly Like 1984

Yes, I plan to watch the Super Bowl. Why? The TV commercials. The game might be interesting, but it's the television commercials that everyone else will be talking about for days afterwards. Besides some entertainment sprinkled throughout the game, what am I looking for? A ... Read More »

What Happens When Google Glass Disappears?

Consider my title a serious question, but it's not exactly what you think. I'm not advocating that Google Glass (or even Apple's own version, iGlasses; hint, wink, nudge) fail in the marketplace and become a footnote in technology history. My view is quite the contrary. ... Read More »

Apple vs. Google: In Search Of A Savior

Neither Apple nor Google are perfect companies. While Apple isn't the perfectly curated company their image might imply, Google isn't the perfectly evil company critics seem to see. But both companies are not far from what we see in each. Apple is the company that prefers ... Read More »

How And Why China Mobile Is Not A Big Deal For Apple (if you don’t like facts or numbers)

Apple has been in China for years already, for both manufacturing and sales. The big news this year is that Apple and China Mobile, the world's largest cell phone company, are about to tie the knot. What it means for Apple is obvious. More iPhone sales. What it means ... Read More »

A Few Thoughts On Apple’s New Enemies List, And Whatever Happened To Microsoft?

Every company in the technology sector has a list of competitors, an 'enemies list,' if you will. Back in the day, Apple's most obvious nemesis was Microsoft, which was really the titular leader of the once vaunted Wintel hegemony, made up of Intel, Dell, H-P, and other ... Read More »

Apple’s Hidden Market Disruption: ‘Analog Dollars’ vs. ‘Digital Pennies’

Apple in general, and CEO Tim Cook specifically, have been skewered in the past couple of years because the Mac, iPhone, and iPad maker has not disrupted any traditional market with new products. That's not true. The critics are shortsighted. Apple has already disrupted ... Read More »

How The Wireless World Is Starting To Get Scary

In the Terminator movies the networked Skynet artificial intelligence system becomes self-aware and attempts to exterminate the human race. While perhaps far fetched, the premise and the movie's antagonists are scary warnings about what could happen in the future when machines ... Read More »

How Apple’s iGlasses Will Be Different Than Google’s ‘Glassholes’ Experiment

You've got to hand it to Google. The search engine giant is willing to try anything to diversify the company's revenue and profit model. Google may have a reputation for abandoning products left and right, but at least they're throwing a lot of mud on the wall to see what ... Read More »

2014: The Year Of Apple? Or, Google? Or, Samsung? Or, Microsoft? Or, Amazon? Or, Linux?

When is Apple going to have a good year? That likely depends on how you measure 'good.' Apple's iOS marketshare vs. Android-based devices continues to drop. 2014 isn't likely to be much different. Sales of Windows PCs remain weaken because of the tablet revolution and some ... Read More »

Apple And The Two Types Of Product Innovation

What is innovation and how does it apply to Apple? After all, Apple has a reputation for disrupting entire industries with innovative new products. A few examples of massive disruption from Apple: Mac iPod iTunes Store iPhone iPad Yet, Apple is often criticized ... Read More »