Who Moves The Bar More Than Apple?

Argue if you must (and have the time to waste), but in computers for the masses, Apple is the trendsetter. Other manufacturers may ship more PCs, more smartphones, and more tablets, but Apple is the company disrupts and then resets the standard.Here are some visible ... Read More »

Apple Is A Technology Company, But Google Is Not

Apple is a successful technology company but Google is not. There. I said it. It's fact.It should be obvious, too. Apple is a successful technology company (defined as a company whose primary business, as measured by revenue streams and profit, is based upon the design, ... Read More »

Why Apple Won’t Hire Me Anytime Soon As A Product Engineer Or Creative Director

My credentials for being hired by Apple are rock solid. I've used Apple products for nearly 20 years, own nearly every major product the company makes, and I have a critical eye for that sweet spot between usability and esthetic design.That would seem to make me a good ... Read More »

Apple, Google, And Microsoft: Three Sides Of The Future

What's going on among the technology giants we know and love or loath? Three of the largest are locked in a head-to-head-to-head battle for supremacy in the desktop and mobile device wars, and each one has a distinctly unique approach.Which do you choose?Apple does ... Read More »

Apple’s Bendghazi Scandal? It’s Horse$#!}. Says Who? Take A Guess, Watch The Video

There comes a time when a company hits the bottom, and there are plenty of examples of riches to rags storiesin the tech industry. When a company comes upon hard times, one of three things usually happens.First, the company goes out of business, or gets bought by a ... Read More »

A Few Words On Replacing The Mac

As a technology company with a variety of products which sell well and overlap in functionality, Apple does not seem to fear cannibalization, a common occurrence that is often feared in product marketing.cannibalize |ˈkanəbəˌlīz| verb [ with obj. ] 1 use (a machine) ... Read More »

Apple And Life In The Media Echo Chamber

Our favorite Mac, iPhone, and iPad company is one of many that live prominently in the 21st century media echo chamber, which works, more or less, much like the yellow journalism publications of the last century which fomented war and political upheaval to sell newspapers.What ... Read More »

Whatever Happened To Apple’s Quality Control?

Other than Pippin and some models of the Mac and Apple II series from the last century, there are few modern Apple products that I have not owned, used, loved to use. Apple's move to aluminum in Mac, iPhone, iPad, and even various iPods lends itself to a level of quality ... Read More »

The Absolutely, Positively, Horribly, Terribly Bad Battery Life In iPhone 6 Plus

As it was for about 10-million other Apple customers, I bought my iPhone 6 Plus sight unseen. Why? I like to live dangerously. Apple's new products usually are good enough that there's little 'buyer's remorse' by ordering from the first manufacturing run, and there's a social ... Read More »

A Few Words On iPhone 6

After pouring over the first user reviews, I noticed a difference, in both tone and content, between reviews of Samsung's Galaxy S5 and Apple's iPhone 6 models. See if you can make it out.Lauren Goode:There are a couple of reasons why the Apple iPhone 6 Plus might ... Read More »

Disappointing Record Sales For New iPhone

You knew this would happen, right? As soon as Apple announced record sales for the first day of availability for iPhone 6 models, someone would come out of the woodwork to announce that the record sales number was disappointing. Last year Apple didn't announce pre-sales ... Read More »

A Few Thoughts On Apple’s New Products

The noise has abated and the dust has settled. Everything you want to know about Apple's iPhone 6 lines is available online, and, as usual, the world is dividing itself in half over Apple Watch. Some love it. Some hate it.The haters are the typical crowd who also hated ... Read More »

The 5 Steps To Perfect iPhone 6 Security

Apple's stellar reputation for security took a few hits last week as celebrity iCloud accounts were hacked, and revealing photos revealed. How did that happen? iCloud's security wasn't as tight as it needed to be to prevent a little brute force door knocking on celebrity ... Read More »

Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Dropbox and the Cloud vs. iWork, Apps, and iCloud: Business? Or, Feature?

Steve Jobs once said that Dropbox-- the cloud storage service-- is a feature, not a business. Yet Apple's competitors are rushing toward the cloud with reckless abandon, while Apple moves in another direction, tacking on cloud-like functions to Mac, iPhone, and iPad, all ... Read More »

Do You Need A Mac, iPhone, And iPad, Or Will One Device Do The Job?

How many Apple devices do you own and use? For me, I have an iMac on the desk in my cubicle at work, carry a MacBook Air when I travel, but for shorter trips I take the iPad Air instead, and, of course, the iPhone goes everywhere.That's four Apple devices. Yes, they ... Read More »

How Computer Security Is Like Birth Control (it doesn’t always work as planned)

Hardly a week goes by without a headline on the news about yet another security breach. If it's not the U.S. government, it's a giant retailers. If it's not a bank, it's a company that stores credit card numbers and account information.The answer to the question, "Is ... Read More »

Why Apple Builds In Usability Differences And Similarities To The Mac, iPhone, And iPad

There is little doubt that Apple would like customers to purchase a Mac, an iPhone, and an iPad, and each product's capabilities-- features and functions-- are cleverly positioned to optimize those multi-device sales. That explains why many, many Apple customers have all ... Read More »

Yet Another Way To Kill Flash On Your Mac (the ‘official’ way– it’s from Apple)

Adobe's Flash is dying and that's a good thing. Unfortunately, there's no set time limit for eliminating Flash from the world, and such platforms can linger around for decades before being completely retired.For a few years I used a tried and true method to avoid Flash ... Read More »

Microsoft’s Plan To Take Back The Enterprise For Windows Phone And Surface Pro

As it stands right now, guess who owns the enterprise for smartphones and tablets? BlackBerry? Microsoft? Android? Samsung?None of the above.Almost without trying Apple seems to have a solid lock on the corporate world with iPhone and iPad, and one can argue that ... Read More »

Samsung And Apple Have Hit ‘The Wall’

Samsung's latest smartphone, the long-awaited Galaxy Alpha looks pretty much like an iPhone, which should tell us something about the state of the industry. Both Samsung and Apple have hit 'the wall.'The wall?Smartphones have matured and the days of dramatic innovation, ... Read More »

Amazon vs. Apple: It’s Flopping vs. Flying

What happens when a company's shine begins to wear off? Remember how BlackBerry shipped more smartphones than ever a few years after the iPhone was launched? More BlackBerry's, lower margins, and eventually no profit, followed by huge losses. BlackBerry's shine wore off ... Read More »

A Few Words On Cutting The Cable TV Cord And Using Apple Instead

As much as I would like to cut the cable TV cord the only way that can be done is by losing much of the television content I want to watch. A digital video recorder (DVR) is the best tech entertainment invention since sliced bread and it works wonderfully with the 300 channels ... Read More »

BYOD Is All The Rage These Days. So Is BYO-ID!

Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs was famous for ignoring corporate enterprise as a business option, reportedly telling Intel engineers that Apple would build products so compelling and useful (the iPhone) for business employees that corporate IT departments would ... Read More »

What Apple Did To The iPhone To Get Enterprise Customers (that it did not do to the Mac)

Apple's famed secrecy overshadows the company's ability to be disciplined and play a long game. Instead of opting for marketshare at all costs, Apple prefers to sell large numbers of products in the premium category, which results in the company owning the largest profitshare. ... Read More »