Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Dropbox and the Cloud vs. iWork, Apps, and iCloud: Business? Or, Feature?

Steve Jobs once said that Dropbox-- the cloud storage service-- is a feature, not a business. Yet Apple's competitors are rushing toward the cloud with reckless abandon, while Apple moves in another direction, tacking on cloud-like functions to Mac, iPhone, and iPad, all ... Read More »

Do You Need A Mac, iPhone, And iPad, Or Will One Device Do The Job?

How many Apple devices do you own and use? For me, I have an iMac on the desk in my cubicle at work, carry a MacBook Air when I travel, but for shorter trips I take the iPad Air instead, and, of course, the iPhone goes everywhere. That's four Apple devices. Yes, they ... Read More »

How Computer Security Is Like Birth Control (it doesn’t always work as planned)

Hardly a week goes by without a headline on the news about yet another security breach. If it's not the U.S. government, it's a giant retailers. If it's not a bank, it's a company that stores credit card numbers and account information. The answer to the question, "Is ... Read More »

Why Apple Builds In Usability Differences And Similarities To The Mac, iPhone, And iPad

There is little doubt that Apple would like customers to purchase a Mac, an iPhone, and an iPad, and each product's capabilities-- features and functions-- are cleverly positioned to optimize those multi-device sales. That explains why many, many Apple customers have all ... Read More »

Yet Another Way To Kill Flash On Your Mac (the ‘official’ way– it’s from Apple)

Adobe's Flash is dying and that's a good thing. Unfortunately, there's no set time limit for eliminating Flash from the world, and such platforms can linger around for decades before being completely retired. For a few years I used a tried and true method to avoid Flash ... Read More »

Microsoft’s Plan To Take Back The Enterprise For Windows Phone And Surface Pro

As it stands right now, guess who owns the enterprise for smartphones and tablets? BlackBerry? Microsoft? Android? Samsung? None of the above. Almost without trying Apple seems to have a solid lock on the corporate world with iPhone and iPad, and one can argue that ... Read More »

Samsung And Apple Have Hit ‘The Wall’

Samsung's latest smartphone, the long-awaited Galaxy Alpha looks pretty much like an iPhone, which should tell us something about the state of the industry. Both Samsung and Apple have hit 'the wall.' The wall? Smartphones have matured and the days of dramatic innovation, ... Read More »

Amazon vs. Apple: It’s Flopping vs. Flying

What happens when a company's shine begins to wear off? Remember how BlackBerry shipped more smartphones than ever a few years after the iPhone was launched? More BlackBerry's, lower margins, and eventually no profit, followed by huge losses. BlackBerry's shine wore off ... Read More »

A Few Words On Cutting The Cable TV Cord And Using Apple Instead

As much as I would like to cut the cable TV cord the only way that can be done is by losing much of the television content I want to watch. A digital video recorder (DVR) is the best tech entertainment invention since sliced bread and it works wonderfully with the 300 channels ... Read More »

BYOD Is All The Rage These Days. So Is BYO-ID!

Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs was famous for ignoring corporate enterprise as a business option, reportedly telling Intel engineers that Apple would build products so compelling and useful (the iPhone) for business employees that corporate IT departments would ... Read More »

What Apple Did To The iPhone To Get Enterprise Customers (that it did not do to the Mac)

Apple's famed secrecy overshadows the company's ability to be disciplined and play a long game. Instead of opting for marketshare at all costs, Apple prefers to sell large numbers of products in the premium category, which results in the company owning the largest profitshare. ... Read More »

Apple And The Shady World Of Competitor’s Numbers

It's merely a line item from a list of many, but one thing we can all agree is that Apple's numbers are just pretty damned good. For example, even the often overlooked Mac line has growing revenue, increasing profits, improved unit sales, and even better market share-- all ... Read More »

You Just Knew Someone Would Make A Mac Photo App To Do What We All Do Already, Right?

Guess what? Celebrity autographs are obsolete. Says who? None other than celebrity Taylor Swift, now a Wall Street Journal Columnist. I haven't been asked for an autograph since the invention of the iPhone with a front-facing camera Why not? Autographs are obsolete. ... Read More »

The Free Alternative To Amazon’s $10 Kindle Unlimited ‘Netflix For Books’ Service

New technology is determined to be valuable based upon simple math. Take the new Vessyl electronic cup. This $99 techno-wizardry is a drinking cup loaded with sophisticated sensors that can tell you what you're drinking, including contents, calories, and even caffeine amounts. ... Read More »

Free Macs, iPhones, And iPads?

Which company makes the most money manufacturing personal computers, smartphones, and tablets? It's not Samsung. It's not Microsoft. It's not Google. It's not any of the Chinese hardware and gadget makers. It's Apple. How is it that Apple has become the most profitable ... Read More »

Privacy And Security: Apple, Take Off The Kid Gloves

It's time for Apple to step up and call it as it is. Beyond the smartphones and tablets we all love and use; beyond the apps and which platform is best for whom and why, beyond the competition between Apple and Google, there are the two major issues of our time. Privacy ... Read More »

Color Me A Little Paranoid But An Apple Wearable Device With Sensors Should Scare You

Guess what? Apple has big plans for a wearable device that is loaded with biometric sensors, location sensors, motion sensors; sensors upon sensors. Whether this device is called iWatch or not doesn't really matter. I'm more concerned about what the device senses and what ... Read More »

On The iPhone 6 And iPhone Screen Sizes

You know what's interesting about all the rumors on the iPhone 6? Two important aspects haven't received much publicity? Across the board, the Apple blogosphere predicts two screen models for the iPhone 6: a 4.7-inch model, and a 5.5-inch phablet-like model. That Apple ... Read More »

A Few More Thoughts On Apple’s ‘iWatch’

From all the analysis, hoopla, and opinions on Apple's iWatch, it's either a product that will revolutionize the technology world, or it's another overpriced technology dud, perfectly priced for Apple's faithful, but certified to be an epic fail. Which is it? As is ... Read More »

How Apple’s iPhone 6 Copies Samsung

For all the noise critics, customers, and Apple itself has made over Samsung's blatant copying of Apple's designs, Apple itself is about to be found guilty of copying Samsung. Quick. Can you name all the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, circa today? There are so many Galaxy ... Read More »

Apple, Amazon, And eBooks: Putting Up The Good Fight

Where does Google kick Apple's butt? Android marketshare. Where does Samsung kick Apple's butt? Smartphone marketshare. Where does Amazon kick Apple's butt? Electronic book publishing. Profits aside, Apple puts up a good fight, but continues to incur losses everywhere ... Read More »

Apple And Skynet: The Growing And Dangerous Problem With Devices That Talk To Each Other

Any bona fide scifi aficionado knows the dangers of Skynet, the fictional, self-aware artificial intelligence system of the future. Think Terminator and a world-wide computer system which first enslaved mankind, then set out to destroy humans. How did Skynet happen? Computers ... Read More »

Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon And The Death Of Disruptive Innovation

Just in case you haven't heard, Apple is doomed. Again. Why? How? The company has failed to innovate since co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs died. There's just one problem with that meme. It's wrong. When it comes to the traditional PC business, Apple's Mac included, ... Read More »

iWatch? Apple Television? No. This Is The Product Apple Needs Next

CEO Tim Cook and his executive team continue to say 2014 will be a great year for new products from Apple. Maybe so. After all, who doesn't want to see Apple disrupt yet another industry with a product category that puts to shame lame efforts from competitors. Samsung ... Read More »