A Few More Thoughts On Apple’s ‘iWatch’

From all the analysis, hoopla, and opinions on Apple's iWatch, it's either a product that will revolutionize the technology world, or it's another overpriced technology dud, perfectly priced for Apple's faithful, but certified to be an epic fail. Which is it? As is ... Read More »

How Apple’s iPhone 6 Copies Samsung

For all the noise critics, customers, and Apple itself has made over Samsung's blatant copying of Apple's designs, Apple itself is about to be found guilty of copying Samsung. Quick. Can you name all the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, circa today? There are so many Galaxy ... Read More »

Apple, Amazon, And eBooks: Putting Up The Good Fight

Where does Google kick Apple's butt? Android marketshare. Where does Samsung kick Apple's butt? Smartphone marketshare. Where does Amazon kick Apple's butt? Electronic book publishing. Profits aside, Apple puts up a good fight, but continues to incur losses everywhere ... Read More »

Apple And Skynet: The Growing And Dangerous Problem With Devices That Talk To Each Other

Any bona fide scifi aficionado knows the dangers of Skynet, the fictional, self-aware artificial intelligence system of the future. Think Terminator and a world-wide computer system which first enslaved mankind, then set out to destroy humans. How did Skynet happen? Computers ... Read More »

Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon And The Death Of Disruptive Innovation

Just in case you haven't heard, Apple is doomed. Again. Why? How? The company has failed to innovate since co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs died. There's just one problem with that meme. It's wrong. When it comes to the traditional PC business, Apple's Mac included, ... Read More »

iWatch? Apple Television? No. This Is The Product Apple Needs Next

CEO Tim Cook and his executive team continue to say 2014 will be a great year for new products from Apple. Maybe so. After all, who doesn't want to see Apple disrupt yet another industry with a product category that puts to shame lame efforts from competitors. Samsung ... Read More »

About Those Photos Of iPhone 6

Color me skeptical but there are enough Photoshop wizards in the world to doctor or create photos of almost anything you can imagine. The latest round of photos purporting to be of Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 are a perfect example. As the comic XKCD pointed out some time ... Read More »

Apple And Economics: From Apps To Competitors

My father hails from Scotland and knows how to put the pinch on a penny. What I learned from him about money management probably wouldn't make me a successful business executive, but I wouldn't go broke from trying. When looking at the landscape that surrounds Apple I ... Read More »

A Clever Way To Encrypt Files On A Mac

Let me start this with a simple question. Do you use Apple's built-in FileVault encryption tool? It's the one in System Preferences > Security & Privacy, in the FileVault tab. I do not. Why? Apple says: FileVault secures the data on your disk by encrypting its ... Read More »

What Do A Few Hundred Mac Users Know About This Utility Than I Know?

Around the office I'm known as something of a Mac app hound. My Mac is loaded with more apps, tools, and utilities than anyone else except the folks in IT. Every Mac user has a list of favorite apps, including all important third party (which I loosely define as non-Apple, ... Read More »

Did Apple Cause The Death Of Complicated Software?

Remember Microsoft Office? There once was a day when PC customers stood in line to buy the latest version of Windows or the newest version of Office. Back in the day progress was measured by the number of new features added to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Apple wasn't much ... Read More »

What Does Apple Have To Do To Get Respect?

As a technology company with tens of billions in riches and hundreds of millions of satisfied customers, Apple has become the Rodney Dangerfield of gadget makers. Successful, but with little respect. I haven't spoken to my wife in years. I didn't want to interrupt her. Every ... Read More »

Microsoft Copies Apple Again

Microsoft, like Apple nemesis Samsung, has a long history of copying market leaders. Windows wasn't born from originality, folks. It was mostly stolen from Apple's Mac OS. Likewise, Samsung didn't innovate the modern era smartphone or tablet with their Galaxy line of knockoffs. ... Read More »

The Tablet Market Is Losing Steam

For Apple, the math is inescapable. Along with the Mac, Apple's highly revered iPad is growing nowhere fast. Sales are basically flat for both product lines. Why? For the Mac, traditional PC sales in general are falling, and the only category growing is cheap Chrome-based ... Read More »

Apple’s Next Big Failure: On Saving The Apple Store

Among the litany of Apple is doomed memes of the past few years is one that doesn't seem to make any more sense than the others is that Apple's retail store needs to be saved. Jonny Evans, link-bait-meister from Computerworld asked the question, 'Can Angela Ahrendts save ... Read More »

On Apple’s Divorce And Remarriage

Even in the best of situations, divorces are messy. Whether it's husband and wife, employer and employee, or company and vendor, a divorce can drag on forever is a love hate relationship which puts stress and strain on both parties. Apple and Samsung are getting a divorce ... Read More »

Samsung And The Penalty For Stealing Intellectual Property From Apple

That Samsung is a serial technology and intellectual property thief is well known and public knowledge. The Korean company has been sued many times by competitors through the years, and often loses in court and required to settle with the infringed. Witness the recent loss ... Read More »

Milking The Mac: Why Apple’s Designs Are Timeless

Have you ever wondered why Apple's product designs don't change with every change of the wind? Think about the Mac for a moment. After years of frequent and multiple design changes, easily accomplished in plastic, Apple settled on an iconic aluminum case with an ultra thin ... Read More »

Apple Lives On A Pedestal While Samsung Suffers Between A Rock And Hard Spot

April 2014 seems to be a watershed month in the ongoing struggle between Apple and Samsung for smartphone and tablet supremacy. In their latest respective financials, Apple posted larger than expected iPhone sales and profits, while Samsung posted their lowest sales and ... Read More »

Fish In A Barrel: Bashing The Apple Bashers

There's a new cult sweeping the tech world. No, this cult is not made up of owners of Apple or Android smartphones and tablets. It's the Cult of Apple Critics, a loosely organized but highly insidious group of tech writers and pundits, and market analysts. Their claim to ... Read More »

What Apple Does Not Want But Can Afford: A Good Old-fashioned Price War

The know the old saying, 'You have to spend money to make money.' Obviously, there is truth to that. Companies spend billions on product development to launch new products with no guarantee of sales, profits, or financial success. Let's take a look at the smartphone and ... Read More »

How Apple, Google, Samsung, And Microsoft Differ On ‘Bragging Rights’

Product differentiation is the key to product marketing. Properly differentiated products can separate the successful products from a long list of also-rans. Differentiation also works hand-in-hand with bragging rights. bragging rights pl. noun a temporary position of ... Read More »

On Smartphones And Tablets: ‘Cheating On The Count’

Despite our addiction to smartphones some of us still listen to the radio. A few weeks ago my favorite New York radio disc jockeys uttered this phrase: Here's the 5th of three songs in a row. That's how we play more music on WKTU. We cheat on the count. The jock must ... Read More »

Apple’s Future Is Tied Up In One Word

There are two aspects of Apple Inc which set the company apart from competitors. The first is the emotional bond that Apple's products create with customers. It's based upon a tight melding of hardware and software which make usability a pleasure rather than a pain. The ... Read More »