Samsung And The Penalty For Stealing Intellectual Property From Apple

That Samsung is a serial technology and intellectual property thief is well known and public knowledge. The Korean company has been sued many times by competitors through the years, and often loses in court and required to settle with the infringed. Witness the recent loss ... Read More »

Milking The Mac: Why Apple’s Designs Are Timeless

Have you ever wondered why Apple's product designs don't change with every change of the wind? Think about the Mac for a moment. After years of frequent and multiple design changes, easily accomplished in plastic, Apple settled on an iconic aluminum case with an ultra thin ... Read More »

Apple Lives On A Pedestal While Samsung Suffers Between A Rock And Hard Spot

April 2014 seems to be a watershed month in the ongoing struggle between Apple and Samsung for smartphone and tablet supremacy. In their latest respective financials, Apple posted larger than expected iPhone sales and profits, while Samsung posted their lowest sales and ... Read More »

Fish In A Barrel: Bashing The Apple Bashers

There's a new cult sweeping the tech world. No, this cult is not made up of owners of Apple or Android smartphones and tablets. It's the Cult of Apple Critics, a loosely organized but highly insidious group of tech writers and pundits, and market analysts. Their claim to ... Read More »

What Apple Does Not Want But Can Afford: A Good Old-fashioned Price War

The know the old saying, 'You have to spend money to make money.' Obviously, there is truth to that. Companies spend billions on product development to launch new products with no guarantee of sales, profits, or financial success. Let's take a look at the smartphone and ... Read More »

How Apple, Google, Samsung, And Microsoft Differ On ‘Bragging Rights’

Product differentiation is the key to product marketing. Properly differentiated products can separate the successful products from a long list of also-rans. Differentiation also works hand-in-hand with bragging rights. bragging rights pl. noun a temporary position of ... Read More »

On Smartphones And Tablets: ‘Cheating On The Count’

Despite our addiction to smartphones some of us still listen to the radio. A few weeks ago my favorite New York radio disc jockeys uttered this phrase: Here's the 5th of three songs in a row. That's how we play more music on WKTU. We cheat on the count. The jock must ... Read More »

Apple’s Future Is Tied Up In One Word

There are two aspects of Apple Inc which set the company apart from competitors. The first is the emotional bond that Apple's products create with customers. It's based upon a tight melding of hardware and software which make usability a pleasure rather than a pain. The ... Read More »

How Did Tablets Become So Cheap?

Remember the original iPad from 2010? Everyone knew Apple was going to launch a tablet (it's just a big iPhone without the phone) months in advance, and pundits expected a sky-high price tag approaching $1,000. Why? Tablets were expensive to make. Big screen. Big battery. ... Read More »

How Apple Disrupted Yet Another Tech Industry

The more I think about it, the more I may understand why Google became so fearful of Apple's iPhone. First, Apple's version of the smartphone was leaps and bounds ahead of every other technology then available, so much so that even Google's Android team had to start over. ... Read More »

What’s Amazon’s Answer To Apple TV? An Apple TV Named ‘Fire’

The game of one-upsmanship is what all the big technology companies play these days. Here's how it works. Apple introduces a new product which combines existing technologies in a new and attractive way (Mac, iPod, iTunes, App Store, iPhone, iPad, etc.). The technorati elite ... Read More »

OS X And Reminders: Speedy Is Better

To avoid becoming a jaded technorati elite who complains about everything Apple does not do (the way I expect or want), it's good to recognize that Apple has a wide spectrum of customers. Take OS X's Reminders app. It's good for what it does, but there are better options ... Read More »

Forget About Apple Disrupting The TV Industry. The TV Industry Is Disrupting Itself

What we Apple loyalists want the company to do is sometimes beyond the company's ability to deliver. Take the television industry. The technology is there already to give TV viewers exactly what they want. Unlimited TV on demand. All TV shows, all news, all sports, and all ... Read More »

Apple vs. Microsoft & Mac vs Windows: What Happens When A Name Goes Bad

Microsoft's executives may not fully appreciate what I'm about to say, but I believe it to be true. Why is the traditional PC industry shrinking? Why hasn't Microsoft's smartphones and tablets sold well? The answer is easy. Windows. Yes, Windows is a bad name, a ... Read More »

How Apple’s Future Health Is In Health

Maybe it's not so difficult after all to see where Apple is headed next. Follow the money trail. If there is one industry that looks like it has legs it's healthcare. The world's population is getting older, healthcare costs and needs will only increase, and Apple appears ... Read More »

Why Apple’s Health Is About To Improve

My crystal ball is shined up and dust free. What does it say about Apple's immediate future? Good health is on the horizon. Not just financial health, either, but Apple's rapid foray into the wearable health technology industry. Yes, I know you can already buy all kinds ... Read More »

Barbarians At Apple’s Gate (or, ‘Why You Can Fool Some People All The Time’)

That Apple has plenty of detractors is well known. The company also has hundreds of millions of customers, and most of them don't give a rat's patootie about a little known analyst named Trip Chowdry who wants Apple to dispose of CEO Tim Cook. His latest message? Apple ... Read More »

Freezing Hell: Microsoft And Android Smartphones

That Apple changed the course of the smartphone industry is well understood. That Microsoft was caught flatfooted behind the iPhone's success is also well know. The Windows maker didn't view Apple's iPhone as a serious threat and the company suffers with a tiny single digit ... Read More »

Clinging To The Past: Wherefore Art Thou Mac Users That Time Forgot

When I can't sleep I do strange things. No, I don't sleepwalk, walk the streets, or exercise. Usually, when a bit of insomnia strikes, I read, I dig through dozens of websites for tidbits, I work, and sometimes I rummage through my website's visitor logs. Logs can be ... Read More »

Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia, Russia and Ukraine: Irony Much?

That Samsung would introduce a fingerprint security feature in the new Galaxy 5S smartphone was a foregone conclusion. Why? Because Apple introduced a fingerprint security feature in the iPhone 5S. Follow the leader is how the technology world works, folks. Over the weekend ... Read More »

Samsung’s Galaxy S5: Shooting For Apple’s Crumbs

Samsung has given up trying to top Apple from its perch as the profit-owning premium brand, and is content with licking up the crumbs at the bottom of the smartphone market. How so? The Galaxy S5 tells the tale. Though Samsung stuffs in plenty of hardware specifications ... Read More »

Coming Soon: Free Hardware

In an era where everyone carries a smartphone with a video camera it makes you wonder why politicians and pundits say the crazy things they say. Someone is recording every word on Fox News so it can be played back and laughed at on The Daily Show. Here's a crazy one I'll ... Read More »

Apple On Privacy: One Man’s Stingy Is Another Man’s Personal Privacy Advocate

You know you're doing something right when the bad guys cry foul. Guess what? Advertisers are not happy with Apple (and Amazon). Why not? Both are considered to be stingy and won't cough up the customer data that advertisers want. Why not? Apple runs iAds, an advertising ... Read More »

What Apple Knows That Samsung, Microsoft, And Google Do Not Know

Last week I read an article which pitted various tablets against the iPhone in a sort of battery life shootout. Which tablet won? Take a guess. Apple's new iPad Air crushed the competition, with some Samsung models coming in dead last on both internet and video use tests. What ... Read More »