Why Apple And Google Can Never Be Friends Or Partners

They say that politics makes for strange bedfellows. So does corporate America. Once mortal enemies, Apple and Microsoft have teamed up to attack Google where it hurts. Patents. Never say never, but it looks more and more like Google and Apple will never again be friends ... Read More »

J.D. Power: Samsung Beats Apple

Here's one you'll be chewing over for awhile. J.D. Power just rated Samsung's tablets ahead of Apple's iPad. The ranking was close with Samsung getting 835 points out of 1,000 while Apple's iPad models received 833 points. Remember, there's lies, damned lies, statistics, ... Read More »

Cookies On Your Mac’s Browsers: Love ‘Em, Hate ‘Em, Use ‘Em, Then Kill ‘Em All

Here's the deal. For better or worse, until death do us part, web browser cookies, in one form or another, are probably here to stay. We can argue until the cows come home whether cookies offer any benefits to browser users, but blocking cookies entirely makes web browsing ... Read More »

Tim Cook Channels John Sculley And Other Idiotic Analysis About Apple’s Future

When it comes to Apple what passes for analysis is usually centered in the headline. That means the headline grabs your eyeballs, but real analysis is unlikely to follow. The perfect example of such synthetic analysis is Jason Hiner's comparison of Apple CEO Tim Cook to ... Read More »

Apple’s New Product Line Is Missing One Thing

For all the negative publicity Apple has received this year, 2013 has turned out to be rather eventful. In just the past few months Apple has updated just about everything in the product line. From MacBook Air to iMac. From iOS to OS X Mavericks. From iPhone to iPad. From ... Read More »

2 New Ways To Do Email On Your Mac: Both Free (and a bonus app that you’ll love)

Apple has a done a few things this week that have caused me to backup and digest the impact. OS X Mavericks is free. iLife for iOS and OS X is free. iWork for iOS and OS X is free. These bold moves show that Apple isn't afraid to tackle Microsoft's hegemony with Office, ... Read More »

The Real Secrets To Apple’s iPhone 5C

If ever Apple had a misunderstood product it's the colorful polycarbonate iPhone 5C. Prior to its launch, Apple's pundits and critics expected it to be a cheap phone to compete with plastic Android-based smartphones. After the launch, pundits and critics pointed out that ... Read More »

What Apple Bought In The 2013 Fashion Shopping Trip

Apple has enough money that it could probably buy France (not that anyone would want to), and still have enough cash to fund the company's growth for years to come. Speaking of France, and Paris, and the world of high fashion, guess what Apple has been doing this year? Buying ... Read More »

What Do You Know About Apple’s iPhone That Consumer Reports Does Not?

There once was a time when I eagerly looked forward to a new edition of Consumer Reports. Not only did I subscribe to CR, I bought some products based upon their reviews. An interesting trend developed over the years, though. The more products I bought and used, as recommended ... Read More »

The Latest iPad Killer Is Apple’s Latest iPad

Who makes the best iPad killer tablet? My analysis of industry trends says that Apple is completely unafraid to cannibalize their own products with new products. To that end, the newest iPads will be the company's best iPad killers yet. Here's what I see coming from Apple ... Read More »

The Mac And iPad In Decline: What’s Going On? Where’s The New Product Love From Apple?

Apple watchers have already seen the headlines (as close to the 'writing on the wall' as we can get). 'Mac Sales In Tailspin.' Or, 'Mac Shipments Decline.' Or, 'Aging iPad's Sales Drop.' That kind of attention grabbing headline. Both IDC and Gartner, those well known ... Read More »

How Apple Has Become The Little Engine That Can

When Apple screws up, and the company does from time to time, I've never been afraid to both defend and criticize, depending upon the situation and visible public circumstances. Something caught my eye today which made me think Apple is on to something under Tim Cook's leadership. While ... Read More »

What I Really Want In My iPhone 6

iOS 7 is in the hands of a few hundred million iPhone and iPad users worldwide, and the iPhone 5S and 5C appear to be big hits with the Apple faithful, the discount-minded smartphone customer, and early adopters. Apple appears to have spread the iPhone line to wrap around ... Read More »

Apple’s Fear Of Microsoft

Alright, I'll be honest. I don't think any executive at Apple fears Microsoft. At least, the Microsoft we all know and love to bash from time to time. Apple has become far more successful than Bill Gates' company, and the company that Jobs built seems to have an inherent ... Read More »

Apple, The Stock Price, A Stock Buyback, Going Private, Land Sharks, And Carl Icahn

Few companies on the planet are as rich as Apple, and when I say 'rich' I mean it in every sense of the word. Stock price, valuation, quality products, profits, satisfied customers, number of industry copycats. While Apple's stock price appears to be languishing, it's ... Read More »

Lies, Damned Lies, Samsung Statistics, Naked OS X Gone Wild Designs, And Mac Meets iPad

How did Samsung's cross-platform ChatON messaging service get to be more popular than BlackBerry's BBM? Samsung sells a few hundred million smartphones each year, so all that's needed is for it to include ChatON on each device. Presto, change-o, and Voila! ChatON is huge-- ... Read More »

Old Booth: Cheap, Easy, And The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have From A Mac Photo App

Mac or iPhone, there's no shortage of photo enhancement apps. There are hundreds and they range in price from free to free to a few bucks to an occasional ripoff. OldBooth is the one to get if you're a Mac, iPhone, or iPad user and you want a photo app that's different, ... Read More »

It’s Time To Bash The Bashers: My Weekend Love Affair With iPhone 5S

It should be apparent that Apple executives have very thick skins. The company withstood a barrage of hateful bashing from critics in the weeks leading up to release of the new line of iPhones. Headline writers must have some kind of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome going ... Read More »

A Few Nasty Words About Apple’s Mac App Store

Someone once said that Google is getting better at software development faster than Apple is improving online services. I believe it. All you need to do is look at the Mac App Store and recognize that Apple doesn't really get it, and that makes it seem as if our favorite ... Read More »

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Apple’s iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C

When it comes to Apple, how do you determine which technology pundit and stock market analyst to believe? There's not a scorecard that I'm aware of, but there should be. Regardless, it's business as usual with an Apple product release. It works this way. Leading up ... Read More »

Apple’s Secret Game Is Typical Apple

What's wrong with Apple? Critics claim the company no longer innovates. Google's Android OS dominates the smartphone industry. Meanwhile, one could argue that Apple CEO Tim Cook is fiddling around with girly colored plastic iPhones which cover up last year's iPhone technology, ... Read More »

This Free Mac Menubar Notes App Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

We live in an increasingly complex technological world. My Mac has a hundred or so apps, but my iPhone doubles that number with ease. Recently, I've been trying to focus more on basic usability; apps which does something useful, but do so with ease, and a low price. Enter ... Read More »

Apple’s New iPhones: What Steve Jobs Would Have Done

If you read or hear anything like this, cover your ears, close your eyes, take a chill pill and remember that whoever wrote this or said this is either, 1) an idiot, or, 2) an idiot with an agenda. 'Steve Jobs would never do that!' Really? I guess we'll never know ... Read More »

How To Use Your Mac To Write Like It’s 1988 (and you don’t have a Mac)

Way back in the day, when I was in school and cutting my computer teeth on the available technology at the time, I bounced between an aging Macintosh LC and a Dell PC running MS-DOS. Writing on the Mac was a pleasure, thanks to the speed and friendliness of WriteNow, the ... Read More »