The Almost Perfectly Priced Writers Tool For Mac

There must be a reason the Mac App Store and iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad have so many different writing and notes tools available. People love to write (or, maybe they hate it, but have to write anyway). At the high end is Microsoft Word which comes with nearly ... Read More »

The Mac And Apple’s Product Migration Pricing Strategy

There's a science to selling and pricing products and few companies do it as well as Apple. Up and down the product line-- from Mac to iPhone to iPad-- Apple builds in a pricing strategy that gently urges customers to migrate from whatever they can afford to another model ... Read More »

My Totally Free, Almost Foolproof, Nearly Ultimate Security Plan For Mac, iPhone, And iPad

We have a right to be paranoid about personal security, what with government spooks, advertisers, and hackers from all over the world trying desperately to crack into our Macs, iPhones, and iPad, or track our every move online. Since security is such an important issue, ... Read More »

Apple Watch: What It Is. What It Is Not.

Few Apple products in the 21st century have been sliced and diced by fans and critics as much as Apple Watch. Some critics ask what seems obvious to them but not others. What problem does it solve? Having to ask that question says more about the critic than it does ... Read More »

A Few Words On The Apple Unicorn

Monday was a good day for Apple. The company introduced a number of new products, lowered the price of Apple TV and added a bit more content, announced prices for the long-awaited Apple Watch, and even 'reinvented the notebook' if you don't mind stretching the word 'reinvent' ... Read More »

Can Samsung Galaxy S6 Win Back iPhone 6 Users?

Let me invoke the MacKenzie Law of Headlines on Computerworld. If a headline ends in a question mark, then the answer is 'no.' It's just that simple of a rule and it works most of the time. Here's what James Henderson wrote. With the S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung is directly ... Read More »

Who Wants An Apple Watch? Nobody?

I wear a watch. And I have a collection of watches which range from sport to luxury and a dozen in-between. For me, most watches are fashion statements, jewelry, or convenience pieces. Writing for the New York Times's Brian X. Chen says the watch buying public is not interested ... Read More »

It’s A Fact: OS X and iOS Are The World’s Most Vulnerable Operating Systems

That's the gist and part of the headline from Cristian Florian from GFI who quotes the National Vulnerability Database as proof (put your wading boots on; it's slick and deep at NVD. It should be pointed out that GFI is in the operating system security business so might ... Read More »

On Hype And Hot Air: The Audacity Of Being Apple

The news is abuzz about Apple's latest forays into new products. It's not enough that we heard that Apple's retail stores would be utter failures and shuttered within a couple of years, but we heard pundits and market prognosticators tell us the iPod was too expensive, that ... Read More »

Apple Watch, Apple Car, And Apple’s Trail Of Disrupted Industries

For all of Apple's reputation as an innovator, where the company excels, at least in the 21st century, is disrupting the profit share of industry after industry. As to market leaders, only the iPod and iTunes have garnered both market share and profit share leads among competitors. ... Read More »

A Few Words On Apple Passing The ‘Beleaguered’ Torch

Whenever you read an article that tells you Apple is having problems, well, stop reading. You're being drawn into a non-sensical argument that on its face is ridiculous. Apple is no longer the beleaguered company that Steve Jobs came back to in 1997, and no amount of ridiculous ... Read More »

A Few Words On Apple As Record Company, Book Publisher, And Television Network

Have you ever wondered why Samsung, Google, Microsoft and other technology giants stick their respective greedy little fingers into so many pies that are so far removed from their core businesses? Samsung is a bit different, of course, but seemed to have little issue ... Read More »

What If Apple Worked The Same Way As Google, Microsoft, And Samsung?

Each of the major technology giants in the Apple sphere of influence have their own management, development, and marketing styles. Yes, everyone steals from one another, though Google, Microsoft, and Samsung are more blatant about it than Apple. Apple designs and builds ... Read More »

Apple’s Secret Isn’t Really A Secret (it’s just difficult for anyone else to replicate)

What's Apple's secret to stellar revenue and profit growth, despite being an already huge company? Any CEO running a company with a few billion in annual sales will tell you just how difficult it is to grow 25-percent a year. That's another new business of $500-million that ... Read More »

Apple And The Encore: ‘Time To Put Up Or Shutup’

On Wall Street, a company's performance is only as good as what it is expected to do next quarter, not what it did last quarter. For Apple Inc, last quarter was one for the record books; record revenue and profits, record unit sales; more profits than any company has ever ... Read More »

Apple, My Mac, My iPhone, And How The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Sundays are my day to crash; sleep late, grab the newspapers, and dig into someone else's look at the condition of the world around us. From what I can tell of my nearly 20 years as an adult, not much has changed. Microsoft is still losing money on everything but Windows ... Read More »

Apple, Google, Microsoft: On Success And Failure

Name a few of the failures from the high profile technology companies of the 21st century. Various Windows versions since XP show up on a few lists of high tech failures. Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Failures, right? But by what measure? Sales? ... Read More »

Microsoft And Samsung Go Where Apple Cannot

Two news items about Samsung and Microsoft caught my eye and both are more telling than the actual news itself. First of all, Samsung's somewhat homegrown operating system derived from Linux, Tizen is alive, if not quite well, and destined to start life as the Samsung ... Read More »

Apple v. Google: How Fragmentation Can Abandon A Billion Smartphone Customers

Here's an interesting turn of events which highlights the differences and similarities Apple and Google take regarding operating system updates. It should be obvious that Apple wants most iPhone and iPad customers to move up to the latest iOS version. Nearly 70-percent of ... Read More »

A Few More Market Disruptions, Courtesy Of Apple Inc.

That Apple has disrupted the market of industry after industry is well known. Personal computers. Media players. Music sales. Retail stores. Smartphones. Application sales. Tablets. Both the number and scope of Apple's disruptions are not easily matched by other technology ... Read More »

About Microsoft’s $29 ‘Internet Phone’

Stop the presses. Nokia isn't quite dead. At least, the $29 Nokia brand feature phone from Microsoft. Something strange is going on in Redmond these days. Windows and Office remain the cash cows, but Microsoft has decided to go whole hog into uncharted, and so far, unprofitable ... Read More »

2015: Let The Crazy Analyst Games Begin (or, why the iPhone is a liability for Apple)

Well, that didn't take long. Here we are, just a few hours into 2015 and I've already uncovered leftover craziness from 2014. Yet another analyst finds a dark cloud in Apple's annual silver lining. In this case Apple's latest problem is the iPhone. Yes, boys and girls, guys ... Read More »

Making The Case For An iPhone mini

First, there are times when Apple does what it does because what it does is so freaking obvious to customers, but not to competitors. The iPhone and iPad are perfect examples where Apple's initial products were vastly superior to whatever the competition had offered up to ... Read More »

Apple And Samsung: Here’s What Happens When The Money Begins To Run Out

You knew this had to happen. While Samsung and other Android smartphone vendors bask in the glory of marketshare vs. Apple's iPhone and iPad, it's Apple that walks away with most of the profits. Without profits, tech companies have to tighten their belts, cut back on R&D ... Read More »