How Android Is To iPhone As Windows Is To The Mac

Perhaps you have a friend or co-worker who devoted a nano second to studying the smartphone market and declared, "It's just like Windows vs. the Mac. Android wins, iPhone loses." The sentiment says, "Don't go there, Kate" but in reality, the declaration is only half true. ... Read More »

The iPhone Competitor That Works Like Amazon

For the past few years we Apple watchers have been treated to a daily beating from the technorati elite, market prognosticators, and media gurus of how Apple is doomed because every smartphone and tablet maker sells cheaper products. Last year's darling of the industry ... Read More »

Why Apple Doesn’t Care

A close friend pointed out that Apple TV is lame, neglected, and as close to abandonware as a tech company product can get. At least, when Apple TV in its current incarnation is compared to the likes of Google Chromecast, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV Stick. He was right, of ... Read More »

I’m Not The Only One Who Thinks Google, Facebook, And Amazon Are Getting More Creepy

Here's Apple's CEO Tim Cook and his description of how Apple can be differentiated from other technology giants. When an online service is free, you’re not the customer. You’re the product. Obviously, Cook's statement was aimed at the likes of Google, Facebook, ... Read More »

Apple, Amazon, Failures, Hubris, And The Death Of Humility

All successful companies make mistakes. In fact, failure is one route to success. Apple and Amazon seem to have take different routes to success, with the former turning mistakes into riches, while the latter turns mistakes into the basis for continued hubris; the type of ... Read More »

Apple, BlackBerry, And The Dead Cat Bounce

Admittedly, I've never tried this to see if it works, but the dead count bounce theory is a simple notion applied to the financial world, but with obvious applications elsewhere in business. The term "dead cat bounce" is derived from the idea that "even a dead cat will ... Read More »

Google’s Pie-in-the-Sky Dream Products vs. Apple’s Products That People Actually Use

Google and Apple spend untold billions each year on what is termed research and development. R&D What does each company and their users and customers get for such vast sums? Apple's Steve Jobs was the master of focus and argued with Google's Larry Page that his company ... Read More »

Why Didn’t Anybody See This Coming?

For two to three years the technorati elite, media pundits, and market prognosticators had predicted Apple's downfall at the hands of industry leader Samsung, an awakened Microsoft, a savvier-than-thou Amazon, a resurgent BlackBerry, or any of the Chinese Knock-off Kings ... Read More »

Apple’s Somewhat Obvious Plan To Maybe Kinda Sorta Possibly Kill The iPhone

It doesn't take much effort to see how well Apple's products are viewed by even the most jaded of the technorati elite and market pundits. Up and down Apple's product line you'll read reviews that put Apple's offerings at the top of the list. Best smartphone? iPhone. Best ... Read More »

The Business Side Of Apple v. Google

Google needs Apple much more than Apple needs Google. In fact, what would Apple lose if Google dropped out of the business of making smartphone apps for iOS? A few good apps on the App Store. What would Google lose if the company had no presence and no apps on iPhones or ... Read More »

Lost And Alone In The Mobile Revolution, Microsoft Is Ready To Abandon Windows

What's become of poor Microsoft? Alright, 'poor' is a relative term. Microsoft basks in riches far beyond the scope of most modern technology companies. Except maybe when compared to longtime nemesis Apple, which is richer than many countries and deities. Combined. No, ... Read More »

Apple’s iPhone, iPad, And Mac: Tools Of The 1-percent, For The 99-percent

The past few years of social turmoil have brought to the fore once again just how unequal society is these days, and not just in the United States. For example, the disparity between Corporate CEOs and their employees is greater than ever, giving rise to the phrases "the ... Read More »

Poor Samsung: First Korea, Now China

Apple continues to defy the tech and market critics who declared the company mostly doomed at the feet of Samsung's marketing and technology prowess. A funny thing happened along the way to reality, though. Apple didn't stumble, as predicted by the technorati elite and market ... Read More »

Why And How Apple Pay Succeeds (and why and how Walmart-backed MCX fails)

The mainstream tech media seems to think Apple is locked in yet another battle that, inevitably, it will lose, going up against Walmart-backed MCX (Merchant Customer Exchange) in the rapidly growing mobile payment arena. Here's the problem with that analysis. It is shortsighted, ... Read More »

Revealed: How I Capture Articles Online To Share Between My Mac, iPhone, And iPad

Apple's customers are the company's biggest asset. It's not design or engineering or stores or distribution. It's the customers. We evangelize, we criticize (with love), we tolerate mistakes and gaffes (with patience), and we're willing to stand in line among our brothers ... Read More »

The Crazy World Of Apple’s ‘Limited’ Product Line

At first glance it may seem that Apple does not design, manufacture, and sell many products. Apple CEO Tim Cook brags that all the company's products would fit on a kitchen table. Maybe so at a basic level, but Apple's product line is much longer than you might think. For ... Read More »

If Elvis Presley Were Alive Today He’d Say “A Billion Apple Fans Can’t Be Wrong”

My father has a record collection. As is the case with many of his generation, it's a mixed bag. Some 33 1/3 albums, some 45s, some 8-tracks, some cassette tapes, some CDs, and a growing collection of digital music thanks to iTunes. One of his oldest and most cherished ... Read More »

Who Moves The Bar More Than Apple?

Argue if you must (and have the time to waste), but in computers for the masses, Apple is the trendsetter. Other manufacturers may ship more PCs, more smartphones, and more tablets, but Apple is the company disrupts and then resets the standard. Here are some visible ... Read More »

Apple Is A Technology Company, But Google Is Not

Apple is a successful technology company but Google is not. There. I said it. It's fact. It should be obvious, too. Apple is a successful technology company (defined as a company whose primary business, as measured by revenue streams and profit, is based upon the design, ... Read More »

Why Apple Won’t Hire Me Anytime Soon As A Product Engineer Or Creative Director

My credentials for being hired by Apple are rock solid. I've used Apple products for nearly 20 years, own nearly every major product the company makes, and I have a critical eye for that sweet spot between usability and esthetic design. That would seem to make me a good ... Read More »

Apple, Google, And Microsoft: Three Sides Of The Future

What's going on among the technology giants we know and love or loath? Three of the largest are locked in a head-to-head-to-head battle for supremacy in the desktop and mobile device wars, and each one has a distinctly unique approach. Which do you choose? Apple does ... Read More »

Apple’s Bendghazi Scandal? It’s Horse$#!}. Says Who? Take A Guess, Watch The Video

There comes a time when a company hits the bottom, and there are plenty of examples of riches to rags storiesin the tech industry. When a company comes upon hard times, one of three things usually happens. First, the company goes out of business, or gets bought by a ... Read More »

A Few Words On Replacing The Mac

As a technology company with a variety of products which sell well and overlap in functionality, Apple does not seem to fear cannibalization, a common occurrence that is often feared in product marketing. cannibalize |ˈkanəbəˌlīz| verb [ with obj. ] 1 use (a machine) ... Read More »

Apple And Life In The Media Echo Chamber

Our favorite Mac, iPhone, and iPad company is one of many that live prominently in the 21st century media echo chamber, which works, more or less, much like the yellow journalism publications of the last century which fomented war and political upheaval to sell newspapers. What ... Read More »