Apple TV Is Not Dead. Apple Television Is In Hibernation. Only TV Is Changing

No, we Apple watchers haven't been expecting an Apple-branded television since before electricity; it just seems that way. About five years ago Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster started the Apple television parade by insisting, annually, that Apple would launch a television. ... Read More »

Stealing From Apple For Fun And Profit

We've read stories recently of thieves breaking into Apple retail stores and carting off a few hundred thousand dollars worth of iPhones. Another thief would steal iPhones from customers and return them to Apple for new phones, thanks to a loophole in Apple's processing ... Read More »

Falling Out Of Love With The iPad

iPad sales are down. Again. Quarter-to-quarter, and year-over-year. What's wrong? Steve Ranger thinks that consumers have fallen out of love with tablets in general. He also posits that businesses love tablets. He also uses recent numbers from research analysts at IDC, so ... Read More »

A Few Words On The $9 PC And Apple’s iPad Pro

If you thought Windows PCs-- notebooks and tablets-- were cheap at around $100, then you haven't seen Raspberry Pi, which starts at about $35. And if you think $35 is cheap, then you haven't heard about C.H.I.P. which is so cheap you'll get change from a $10 bill.I know. ... Read More »

Android Down. iPhone Up. Why?

Remember all those headlines from the past few years which predicted the iPhone's demise in the U.S., Europe, and Asia? Guess what? They were wrong. In fact, the iPhone's market share continues to rise while Android drops. Why?Three words: Upward mobility, and, fragmentation.Way ... Read More »

On Antennagate, Bendgate, Hairgate, and Tattoogate

Poor Apple. It's a good thing the company makes gross gross margins on every product it sells, because they just can't catch a break in Cupertino. Thanks to former President Richard Nixon, Watergate-like scandals plague Apple like Fox News plagues Hillary Clinton.Remember ... Read More »

Try Something New For The Mac’s New Photos App: A PhotosMap App

Apple is changing. Instead of being surprised by new applications, Apple has an ongoing beta program-- for iOS and OS X, and some of the company's new applications. iPhoto's replacement, Photos, went through an extensive beta testing period-- unusual for Apple-- for months ... Read More »

On Mac And iPhone Apps: When Small Is Beautiful, Less Is More, And Free Is Good

There's no other way to say it. I'm an app hound. I love apps; especially those that play nice-nice with their counterparts on different devices. That's what makes the Apple experience so good-- Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Reminders, browser bookmarks, Pages, Numbers, and ... Read More »

Every Mac User Needs This Kind Of Noise

Noise is bad for us, right? Well, certain kinds of noise. Loud construction noise, factory noise, the constant road of an overly loud engine or even an air conditioner can be bad for your health. Yet, some noise can actually be soothing; white noise comes to mind, for people ... Read More »

Try The Mac Photo Viewer App That Lets You View Photos (no borders, no buttons, no frames)

Apple's Photos app on the Mac replaced iPhoto. Highbrow for the Mac is not a replacement for photos, but it's a great way to browse and view photos and images in a totally distraction free visual environment. Say goodbye to photo borders, frames, navigation buttons, and ... Read More »

Apple’s Growing List Of Strange Bedfellows

The technology industry is almost as incestuous as the entertainment industry, and no one has a stranger relationship with friends and enemies than Apple. For many years Apple's main nemesis was Microsoft and a diminishing number of PC makers. Since the second coming of ... Read More »

Apple’s Big Fear: Stagnation

Take a quick look at Apple's many competitors. What do they have in common? They're not afraid to sell junk. They're not afraid to hold onto the past. Their focus on products is often more about price and a laundry list of features than the user experience.Now, contrast ... Read More »

The Two Sides Of Apple Watch: The Convenient Bauble, The Necessary Luxury

Apple Watch is out (almost) and the professional reviews are rolling in, mostly positive to gushing. Why? Just as Apple's iPad hit the sweet spot between iPhone and Mac, Watch has a specific target in mind; those of us who can afford convenient baubles, or necessary luxuries.Wait ... Read More »

Apple Watch Is Not A Simple Device

There should be little doubt that Apple will sell many tens of millions of the Watch. The company has half a billion iPhone customers, and a Watch is a convenient, useful, and fashionable extension of the iPhone. Unlike the original iPhone, though, Apple Watch is not a simple ... Read More »

Apple v. Samsung: What Do You Buy? A List Of Features? Or, The User Experience?

Apple's iPhone 6 is six months old. Samsung has already announced their latest copycat design, the Galaxy S6 line, which borrows more from the iPhone's design than ever. Look around the next few weeks and you'll see review after review that pits Samsung's latest 'iPhone ... Read More »

Apple And iPhone: A Few Words On Discounts, Lower Prices, And Trade-ins

With little fanfare Apple has just implemented a plan that is not likely to be copied by a competitor any time soon. Apple's product migration pricing is among the best of any tech gadget company in the world. Whether it's Mac, iPhone, or iPad, each product is spaced perfectly ... Read More »

The Almost Perfectly Priced Writers Tool For Mac

There must be a reason the Mac App Store and iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad have so many different writing and notes tools available. People love to write (or, maybe they hate it, but have to write anyway). At the high end is Microsoft Word which comes with nearly ... Read More »

The Mac And Apple’s Product Migration Pricing Strategy

There's a science to selling and pricing products and few companies do it as well as Apple. Up and down the product line-- from Mac to iPhone to iPad-- Apple builds in a pricing strategy that gently urges customers to migrate from whatever they can afford to another model ... Read More »

My Totally Free, Almost Foolproof, Nearly Ultimate Security Plan For Mac, iPhone, And iPad

We have a right to be paranoid about personal security, what with government spooks, advertisers, and hackers from all over the world trying desperately to crack into our Macs, iPhones, and iPad, or track our every move online. Since security is such an important issue, ... Read More »

Apple Watch: What It Is. What It Is Not.

Few Apple products in the 21st century have been sliced and diced by fans and critics as much as Apple Watch. Some critics ask what seems obvious to them but not others.What problem does it solve?Having to ask that question says more about the critic than it does ... Read More »

A Few Words On The Apple Unicorn

Monday was a good day for Apple. The company introduced a number of new products, lowered the price of Apple TV and added a bit more content, announced prices for the long-awaited Apple Watch, and even 'reinvented the notebook' if you don't mind stretching the word 'reinvent' ... Read More »

Can Samsung Galaxy S6 Win Back iPhone 6 Users?

Let me invoke the MacKenzie Law of Headlines on Computerworld. If a headline ends in a question mark, then the answer is 'no.' It's just that simple of a rule and it works most of the time.Here's what James Henderson wrote.With the S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung is directly ... Read More »

Who Wants An Apple Watch? Nobody?

I wear a watch. And I have a collection of watches which range from sport to luxury and a dozen in-between. For me, most watches are fashion statements, jewelry, or convenience pieces. Writing for the New York Times's Brian X. Chen says the watch buying public is not interested ... Read More »

It’s A Fact: OS X and iOS Are The World’s Most Vulnerable Operating Systems

That's the gist and part of the headline from Cristian Florian from GFI who quotes the National Vulnerability Database as proof (put your wading boots on; it's slick and deep at NVD. It should be pointed out that GFI is in the operating system security business so might ... Read More »