PixoBebo is a site about my digital life as a Mac user, an iPhone user, and a follower of all things Apple. That includes Mac OS X, iLife, iWork, Photoshop Creative Suite, and Microsoft’s Office 2008 for Mac, and more utilities and applications than I care to count.

I have not always been a Mac user. I’m one of those rare switchers. No, I didn’t start off on Windows PCs and then switch to the Mac. It was the other way around. I started on the Mac, switched to Windows, and after a year of heartache, switched back to the Mac. I’m willing to share my digital life on PixoBebo

Why PixoBebo?

It’s a nickname. For a few years I wrote articles for a popular Mac site called Mac360. The Mac360 system administrator, Ron McElfresh, has become a good friend and a few years ago secured a domain name for me based on my nickname (it was given to me by my father, Edward MacKenzie, when I was a little girl).

I’ve worked on many web site projects over the past 10 years, including a design change for Mac360 a few years ago. PixoBebo is my first personal site and is part of a project Ron and I are working on to provide a new design to Mac360. PixoBebo’s design is inspired by Leandro Vieira.

I wanted a site that was elegant and simple, yet with the flexibility to grow and expand, and with the ability to provide readers with multiple daily updates—reviews and news—about Mac software.

PixoBebo Criteria

Building a web site these days is not difficult or expensive. Often it’s just a matter of knowing which buttons to click. I want more than that.

First, I want PixoBebo to adhere to web layout and design standards such as XHTML and CSS. The site must look good in all major and modern browsers such as Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, and even Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Second, the design of the site must not interfere with the content. In other words, I didn’t want a busy and cluttered site with too many graphics floating around. Simple is better. Less is more.

The Design

I chose a standard three-column design with a header and footer, and space for a few advertisements and promotional banners at the top, bottom and right side of each page.

The color scheme for the first version PixoBebo was my favorite color, modern lavender. #363648 to be exact. Unfortunately, purple wasn’t the color preferred by PixoBebo readers, hence a more neutral background. I prefer the unique look of light text on a darker background. The logo is inspired by ArtText from BeLight Software.

The Tools

Expression Engine was the content management system for the original PixoBebo (since upgraded to a more manageable and popular CMS). I did the original purple design and Ron wrote the code. The latest design is elegantly simple except for the logo which is bright, earthy, and provocative. Like me.

PixoBebo is also an adventure for me, and a challenge to use some of the tools of a webmaster, so I’ve become acquainted with the popular CSSEdit and Coda to make changes to the site.

Creating, building, and managing a personal web site is new to me, so I appreciate your patience. This is a labor of love. Love? Yes, as a long time Mac user I truly enjoy showing people how a Mac works, and teaching the intricacies of Mac software.

What better way to teach others than to show them what I do, and share a perspective on all things Apple? That’s what PixoBebo is all about.

The Inspiration

My inspiration for all things Mac comes from the co-founder of Mac360, Tera Jean Patricks, now deceased. Tera was a wonderful woman who had a gift for getting to the heart of a matter. She inspired me to get involved.

More recently, inspiration comes from John Gruber and his Daring Fireball site. No Apple watcher is more adept at presenting an accurate perspective on a matter than John. Ron McElfresh built PixoBebo for me and at my request designed a feature similar to Daring Fireball’s Linked List which allows quick and more frequent updates to the site.

The Purpose

PixoBebo is a place about the digital lifestyle for Mac users and the tools which make our lives better. These days we ask much from our Macs. We connect our iPods and iPhones and printers and scanners and backup hard drives to our Macs.

We manage email, browse, send text messages, and more on our Macs. We build reports, spreadsheets, graphics, on our Macs. We make music, make movies, and manage our time on our Macs.

PixoBebo will be a daily respite for straightforward, easy-to-understand tips and tricks for Mac users, a few pithy comments, and regularly lists what’s happening elsewhere in the blogosphere.

Got Browser?

One more thing. Please use a modern, standards compliant web page browser to view PixoBebo.

The site looks and performs best using Apple’s Safari web browser, Mac or Windows. It looks and performs reasonably well with Firefox, or Chrome, Mac or Windows. If you’re using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, please consider changing your browser to Safari.