This Free Mac Menubar Notes App Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

We live in an increasingly complex technological world. My Mac has a hundred or so apps, but my iPhone doubles that number with ease. Recently, I’ve been trying to focus more on basic usability; apps which does something useful, but do so with ease, and a low price.

Enter Tab Notes Free.

This may be one of the more usable free notes tools for the Mac owner who uses Stickies because it’s simple, elegant, and always works. Tab Notes Free is, obviously, free. And it takes notes similar to Stickies on the Mac.

The app lives in the Mac’s Menubar, not the Dock, but also has a cleverly devised function which keeps the screen uncluttered. Click on the edge of the Mac’s screen and a note pops up. Tab Notes doesn’t care which app is open at the time so it’s always available.

Tab Notes Free

Tab Notes Free keeps Stickies-like notes in RTF and RTFD format, and files can be synchronized with any app that reads RTF or RTFD files on iPhone and iPad (and other Macs) using Dropbox. Free notes themes are also available for download.

Here’s the most interesting aspect of Tab Notes Free. There’s a limit on the number of total notes that can be saved and used, but if you’re using Stickies you already know the problem with screen clutter. There’s a Tabs Note app that isn’t free, but it’s also crazy-assed expensive. Try the free version first to see if it does what you want.