Splurge For The Holidays. Give Yourself Two iPhone Gifts For Less Than $4

What’s wrong with a little me time? Nothing that can’t be enhanced with a gift or two to yourself to help bring some of the holiday spirit home where it belongs. A gift or two for yourself.

Instead of harping on one or two of Apple’s shortcomings (I’m not keeping count), or blasting some Apple competitor for their shortcomings, or skewering a tech pundit for shortsighted analysis, I decided to do a little online shopping. It’s easy, fast, makes you feel good, and doesn’t take much money.

First on my list is KitCam, yet another camera app for your iPhone. Apple’s Camera app is pretty much bare bones. Camera + is one of the most obvious and popular replacements, but KitCam deserves a look because it’s loaded with lenses, filters, frames, effects, exposure options (either automatic or manually) and much more.

All I can say is, ‘Look at all the camera tools!‘ It’s like having a new camera in your iPhone.


KitCam is fun to use, but Fantastical makes using Calendar on your iPhone faster and easier (I like to balance fun with efficiency).

Fantastical uses natural language to create Calendar entries. Simply type in ‘Lunch with Will at Macy’s Wednesday at 12:30 PM‘ and Fantastical makes the entry.


Use Dictation on your iPhone to make an entry from Fantastical. Tap any event and it displays the details for view or edit. Not only does Fantastical work with Calendar, it also works with Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange.

Type or speak in simple, natural language, and Fantastical understands and makes the Calendar entry.

The only negative, and it’s not really Fantastical’s issue, is that Dictation requires you to have an internet connection.

See? I’m mixing business and pleasure for less than $4.