Why Mac Users Should Avoid Facebook

Facebook bought Instagram. I liked Instagram. I don’t like Facebook. Am I now not supposed to like Instagram, too?

I’m not alone.

Facebook is stupid and for old people. So says Patrick Moorhead’s daughter, a shrewd young lady, wiser than her 12 years. Why is Facebook’s absorption of Instagram such a bummer for pre-teens and intellectually adept older Mac users?

Moorhead’s daughter is sure that Facebook, because it’s for old people, therefore stodgy and oppressive, would change Instagram, which, ostensibly is cool, hip, chic, and dope (or, whatever other words make me appear to be out of touch while I’m trying to be with it).

See, here’s the difference. Instagram is everything Facebook is not. Highly targeted and efficient. No gawkers and lurkers on Instagram. It’s you and your friends and your photos.

Facebook is the poster child of modern social media. It has become so big it can’t compete in niche social site markets with the likes of Instagram, Pinterest, Foodspotting, and other trendy networks, so it, like Microsoft of yesteryear, absorbs the ones that threaten Facebook the most.

Let the absorption games begin.

Goodbye, Instagram. We hardly knew ye.

To be fair and honest, if I were one of Instagram’s 15 employees, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg sat down in front of me and offered me a billion dollars, I’d bite. Fast. And furious.

Facebook promises that Instagram will operate standalone, and not be influenced by the 800-pound gorilla holding the check (and stock).

Yeah, right. That always works.

Wait! There’s more.

What’s wrong with Facebook? Researchers say there’s a dark side to the social networking Goliath, a direct link to socially aggressive narcissism (which explains the gawkers and lurkers).

What that means is that you demonstrate a narcissistic personality by your number of Facebook friends and the frequency of your Facebook updates. These people also respond aggressively to negative, derogatory comments about them online. Oh, and they change their profile photos more often.

In other words, heavy Facebook users do not good Mac citizens make. Mac users are just too smart to be caught up in Facebook’s time wasting social vortex.

Damien Pearse outlines the dark side of Facebook users in The Guardian. Facebook is the gateway drug to grandiose exhibitionism, entitlement, and exploitative. All of which combines to make heavy duty Facebook users self absorbed, vain, superior, and chatty.

Can any social media network that spawns such characteristics upon their users ever survive?

I can see Facebook’s new slogan now: “Facebook: Where You Go To Repair Your Damaged Ego.” Or, maybe, “Facebook: When You Need Social Support.

Or, how about, “Facebook: It’s Not Just For Gawkers And Lurkers Anymore.”


  1. Excellent article! Posted to my Facebook page.

  2. Well written, Kate. And I agree. Facebook is at the peak and headed down. Now all they can do is buy out all the smaller, vertical niche companies that do what Facebook cannot. I’m suffering from Facebook fatigue. That constant stream of interruptions has become a grating annoyance.

    Goodbye, Facebook. We hardly knew ye.

  3. Facebook ‘fatigue.’

    I like it. You’re right. Facebook is trying to become all things to all people and it’s more like iTunes these days. Too much clutter, too many annoyances, too much going on, and too many forced distractions.

    Not to mention the gawkers and lurkers and Facebook ad scams.

    Goodbye, indeed.

  4. “Facebook: Every bit as cool as AOL was in the 90s.”

  5. The implication is that Mac users are too smart to be sucked into Facebook’s vortex of time wasting alerts, updates, feeds, ad scams, and the like.

    That works for me.

  6. Kate, if FB is for old people, then it’s inclusive. When old people are thrown out of the social mix, bad things often happen, such as when The History Channel was redirected to garner a larger following (“It’s only watched by old men!” was the battle cry) so now instead of documentaries about, uhm, what do you call it? Oh, yes, history.

    Now instead we have toothless hillbillies and swamp folk (still toothless and inarticulate, as well) hunting catfish with their bare hands and that’s called history.

    On Facebook, 80-somethings socialize with twenty-somethings. That’s a good thing. Yes, some of them do take it too seriously, but do what I do when the annoyance factor rises too high — unfriend them.

  7. Não diz nada com nada, sem argumentos, sentido, e plus: leva em conta o que uma criança de 12 anos pensa. Fora da realidade.

    ~ Kate Says: Leia o artigo novamente, você moron. Utilizadores de Mac são demasiado inteligente para o Facebook. Não estás.

  8. You nailed Facebook on the head. What a time trap! Even a 12-year-old girl knows what a waste Facebook is. Social networks? Bah, humbug. Has there ever been a site on the interwebz that resulted in more wasted time? I know people who live on Facebook. They’re addicted to the alerts and have to respond to every one of their friend’s posts. It’s crazy. Now Facebook wants to destroy social network competition by buying them up. They’ll run out of money first.

    • This argument makes sense “Facebook wants to destroy social network competition by buying them up.” Every analist/geek knows that. The thing was the strenght of Instagram (and rising potencial).. but, in fact, your article still doesn’t make sense concerning your arguments (sorry). Taking a 12 yo kid opinion to a serious issue doesnt sound like good path to take. Well, my view. BTW: I liked this blog. Nice project.

      ~ Kate Says: Thanks. O meu argumento não faz sentido. E outras pessoas concordam comigo. Você não fazem sentido. You all come back again.

  9. Não dão atenção para esse idiota, Tulio. Kate, nós te amamos. Continuem o bom trabalho. O Mac viver eternamente. (Kate, we love you. Keep up the good work. May the Mac live forever. Pay no attention to that idiot, Tulio.)

  10. This is how it’s done. A company rises to prominence, either through hard work or pure luck, or a combination of both. Once the peak hits, they begin buying up smaller competitors for their customers.

    Google could not do what Instagram did even if they spent a billion dollars.

    And that 12 year old girl knows a thing or two about life already. Facebook is for old people. If you’re using Facebook more than 5-minutes a day, or posting once per day, then you’re a dinosaur with no life. Or, as the article states, you have some mental problems that need to be addressed.