Apple, Stop The Nonsense And Put Some Tabs Into iTunes

iTunes has taken a few hits recently. This gargantuan app is the darling we all use and love to hate. The problem is the interface. iTunes tries to do too much and doesn’t do much well at all.

My analysis of iTunes and the market says that the real problem is Windows users. Without question, most of the iTunes users are on Windows, not Macs.

Apple could easily break iTunes into separate, distinct, and usable Mac apps. Distribution is easy because of Software Update and the Mac App Store. Mac users are used to Apple making such wholesale changes and we would be quick to adapt.

Windows is another matter.

If Apple did a wholesale hatchet job on iTunes for Windows users there would be a huge, worldwide panic. That would result in a huge, worldwide support tsunami for Apple.

What Apple needs is an interim fix to take some of the complexity out of iTunes (Mac or Windows) to make shopping and using more pleasant.


Hey, Apple. Tabs are all the rage these days. Did you know someone sneaked tabs into Safari? iTunes needs really obvious tabs.

A tabbed interface might do the trick. One click gets you to the Media Player. Another click to buy Music, another for TV shows, another for Movies. Yet another for Podcasts. Still another for iPhone and iPad apps.

That’s not too many tabs.

Even search could be modified to give us more control over which department in the Apple Store would be search. Whatever tab is opened front and center on your screen because the default department store search.

Department store?

Sure, why not? The iTunes name, though well known, is way over the hill and passé. Change the name to the Apple Store. Or, Apple Mall. Or, Apple Galleria. I like Apple Store.

Inside the store would be Apple’s departments. Music, TV shows, Movies, Apps, Podcasts, whatever else Apple thinks it can sell to the Kool-Aid crowd.

Dear Apple, give me a digital department store with tabs, and I’ll be a happy camper.


  1. John Dingler, artist says:

    Yes, yes, yes!

  2. Your tabs don’t make sense, without a huge rethink.
    Current tabs would be:
    Media Library, Store, Devices, Genius, and PlayLists. The first 3 would need sub tabs for Music, Movies, TV, Podcasts, Books, Apps, Ring Tones, Internet radio (ok maybe not the last one on devices).

    How would putting this horizontally make things better?

    Or would the Music Tab have a place for library, Store and devices. The problem is we have to organize lots of things and it can get confusing.

    You could simply have Movies and merge all sources, but that could cause huge performance issues. I guess we could embrace the new AppleTV interface and simply add devices to that one?

    I don’t know, trying to make sense of 8 different media types in your library, your devices and a store is going to cause some clutter but splitting things up, will just cause confusion. I say just keep streamlining and adding better ways to drill down and up.

    iTunes forever.

  3. Actually, I think you might be on to something with the Tabs idea.

    The trick is how you organize them. I would keep the Media Player separate. Then, all the other sections of iTunes fall nicely into place. Music. TV Shows. Movies. Books. Apps. Podcasts.

    And, you’re right about Apple not wanting to upset their Windows customers with too much of a change too quickly. Windows users are a finicky bunch.