An Easy Way To Use Your Mac To Protect Your Videos

By night, I’m a high heeled, caped crusader, a crime fighting heroine in a mask who uses the power of the written word to bring anti-Apple tech pundits out of their dark minds and into the light of justice.

By day, however, this crime fighting heroine has a more mundane life. I slave over a Mac’s hot keyboard building training materials for the minions of cubicle farm dwellers owned by a corporate overlord.

We’ve embarked on a new project to migrate some training materials into videos for distribution. How do we protect those videos from falling into the wrong hands?

It’s not easy. Once a video is posted online it becomes fair game for anyone to use in nearly any fashion. Look at YouTube. Despite Google’s attempts to invoke a technology solution to copyright infringement, the site is replete with videos re-produced by users.

Since it’s impossible to stop photo and video theft, is there a way to slow it down.

Two words. Watermark. OK, that’s one word, but it’s three syllables so it carries extra weight.

Mac photographers have a dozen or so watermark apps for digital photos. What about videos?

The video watermark market is not as robust as that for digital photos, but there are options. VideoMark is on the test block now and we like it.

What VideoMark does is simple. Drag a video file onto VideoMark. Select a font and size (or, a graphic image), enter a text watermark (company name, theft warning, whatever), place it on screen, and save. Watermark on a video.


VideoMark has a few extras, too. You can add effects to the video, including color controls, sharpen, pixelate, sepia tone, and opacity. Even an image can be dropped in as a watermark (from GIF to JPEG, from PNG to PSD, from PDF to TIFF, and BMP).

If you can open your video in QuickTime Player, then VideoMark can drop in a watermark. Then export the video in a number of video file formats.

VideoMark Export

So far, we’ve found this app to be quick and easy to use. Video effects are better left to other Mac video apps (the screen control sliders don’t have numeric values). And you’ll need some trial and error time to get the watermark in the proper location on the video.

Otherwise, nicely done and highly affordable.