2 Ways This Simple, Cheap Clock App Is Better Than The Clock On Your Mac

When I’m in the office and working I sit in front of a giant screened iMac. My MacBook is used only when I’m on the road. I need that luxurious screen real estate only found in Apple’s lovely 27-inch iMac.

That big screen, as good as it is, and it is, comes with a few gotchas.

First, it’s big. The screen is so big that the Menubar gets cluttered up with apps and it takes a few seconds to locate a tool up there.

Second, all that clutter means it takes a few seconds to scan the Menubar just to see the time and date. It’s there. We all know where it is. But it’s among other Menubar friends and a quick glance does not give the time and date.

Third, I have a personal passion and collection for clocks. They adorn my bookshelves at home almost as much as books. So, I reasoned, why not adorn this beautiful Mac screen with a nice, fat clock?

That’s deepClock.

It’s a very simple app that displays the time in one of a variety of clock designs (15) and sizes. Drag and move the clock anywhere on the Mac’s screen. There’s a companion calendar display, too, with multiple designs (6).

Most of the clock face designs are analog, not digital, so a quick glance does what you want. It tells you the time without having to squint to figure out the time from the Menubar.


It even covers the basic requirements of an on-screen app. Fullscreen, standard, or on top of all other applications. Even in always on top mode, move the mouse pointer over deepClock and the clock momentarily disappears so you can seen any windows or objects or tools behind.

I love this app. What I’d like to see are more customization options, more color variety, and maybe a way to use deepClock to drop in personal photos over the clock face. It’s great. Cheap. Simple. Useful. And better than Apple’s built-in Menubar clock.