Another Crazy, Fun, And Dirt Cheap Way To Lock And Unlock Your Mac

How much fun do you have with your Mac? Screensaver? Bah humbug. Games? Child’s play. How about locking and unlocking your Mac? Call me crazy, but every time I lock up and unlock my Mac’s screen I feel all sly and geeky inside (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

First things first. You need some kind of entry protection on your Mac. Logging out and using a password to log back in is a start. A screensaver with a password to log back in helps.

But what you really need to become the cool kid in the neighborhood is Screen Vault. It’s a nifty neat Mac app that locks (and unlocks) your Mac in an old fashioned way, and a highly modern way.

In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Screen Vault

Does that look like fun, or what? It’s geekily intimidating yet appealing at the same time. All the basics show up on the Mac’s screen when using Screen Vault. There’s even iTunes controls. It’s the combination dial on a safe that looks menacing.

But that’s not the only way to help secure your Mac. Set aside the combination lock metaphor and go to something that’s more 21st century.

Screen Vault

Swipe in the right pass pattern to gain access to your Mac.

Beyond the eye candy, Screen Vault has a few other modern techniques to secure your Mac. Snap shots. Screen Vault can capture photos of intruders who try to bypass the combination lock or pass pattern. It even records video.

And, the app saves statistics about entry dates and times, intrusion attempts, snapshots, etc. Even the negative is a positive. To use the combination lock you need to rotate fingers which means you need a MacBook with trackpad, or a Magic Trackpad.

You’ll spend more on a trip to Starbucks than you’ll spend on Screen Vault, which gives your Mac an added layer of security. And fun.