Giving Money Back To Shareholders Is An Incredibly Stupid Idea For Apple

Apple Inc. is sitting on about $100-billion in profits. No other company in the world has that much money just lying around, soaking up a little interest here and there.

Apple’s shareholders have seen a 150-percent rise in the company’s stock value in two years, and a nearly 50-percent increase in just the past year.

What else could a shareholder want?

More money.

Giving some of that $100-billion back to the shareholders is an incredibly stupid idea., so says Rocco Pendola in Seeking Alpha.

I do not understand why Apple shareholders, especially the ones who actually go to the bloody shareholder meeting every year, want to turn this company into every other inferior company on Earth. Let a roaring dog roar.


Apple can give a dividend back to shareholders but it won’t benefit the company or the stock. Only the shareholders benefit, and they’ve been benefitted from Apple’s historic climb already.

Or, Apple could go on a buying spree. They could buy Adobe. Or, Yahoo! Or, France. Or, Taiwan.

Or, Apple could buy up all the content in the known universe. Music, television, movies. And probably pay cash.

Pendola again:

If it doesn’t blow its bankroll on content, maybe Apple should start a subscription video service. Again, Cook nixed that idea at Apple’s annual meeting this week. I am sure he smiled as he thought, “Shareholders are complete morons.”

Maybe not. After all, they bought APPL, right?

If you’re an Apple shareholder, you’ve already done well by buying and holding (and sometimes selling) the stock. You made money because Apple does what Apple does.

Don’t upset that Apple cart by demanding that the company do something which isn’t a part of the culture and DNA.