Clean Up Your Mac The Windows Way

Does Apple’s approach to computing frustrate you? Admittedly, there was a time back in the day that Apple was not the apple of my eye. My hardware frustrations were taken out on my Mac, which, after much agonizing, was swapped out for a Windows notebook.

How long did that last? Not long.

Loving friends and family members launched an intervention, and a day later I was back in Macland. What I’ve noticed since then is a trend of cross platform apps. Windows apps come to the Mac.

It’s not just Evernote and Dropbox that try to span the Mac and Windows world. An old PC acquaintance made the journey to the Mac App Store.

CCleaner is one of those Windows PC apps that Mac users will fall for in short order. First, CCleaner is free. What’s it do? Not much that matters, other than give you peace of mind.

CCleaner Caches

Remember, you’re a Mac user. You already have peace of mind.

CCleaner free is the gateway app to Piriform’s CCleaner Home and CCleaner Business Edition for Windows PC users (and not available for Macs).

CCleaner is like those crazy television commercials that promise to speed up your PC merely by installing a cleaning app. It cleans browser caches, and, well, you’ll struggle to figure out what else gets cleaned. Delete caches. Manage cookies. And repair permissions.

There’s a reason CCleaner is free. Piriform obviously wants PC switchers to the Mac to feel comfortable about having an app they may have used in the past. If enough Mac users try the free version, there’s a good chance a commercial version with more features will show up in the future.

CCleaner Tools

Do you need this kind of app? Puhleeze! The Mac already has a dozen or so so-called cleaning apps that do far more than CCleaner, and most are free or cost only a few dollars.

If you’re going to clean your Mac the Windows way then you should also invest in anti-virus apps, and invest in anti-spyware apps, and maybe stop using the Mac altogether. Since you’re a Mac user already, you already know you don’t need all those crazy add ons, right?

You know that, right? Right?