Getting Steve Jobs Wrong (or not)

My impression of Steve Jobs after reading Walter Isaacson’s biography:

Steve Jobs was a highly troubled, obviously brilliant, self-serving, bi-polar egomaniac who was incredibly lucky

In Getting Steve Jobs Wrong, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber argues that the biography was flawed, as are criticisms that Jobs was a tweaker, not an inventor, as postulated by Malcolm Gladwell.

I fall in the middle of the controversy. Nothing I read in the biography contrasted sharply with other books I’ve read on Jobs. Was he a tweaker of technology?

Yes, because that’s what works today. 19th century inventors could invent in ways today’s technologists cannot. Today it’s more of a collaborative affair, more tweaking than inventing something entirely new (like gunpowder).

Even Jean-Louis Gassée, an old Apple guy, called Jobs more of an editor than a writer.

I agree.

Steve Jobs was not an inventor in the traditional sense, but that sense has changed in the past century.