Complaints About Reading News On Mac, iPhone, And iPad

There's something to be said about the old fashioned way to get news. The newspaper makes it easy to scan pages, find an interesting headline, and dig into a few details with a quick glance.Alas, killing trees to deliver daily news is so yesteryear. Nearly everything ... Read More »

2 Ways To Kill And Use Flash On Your Mac

Got Flash? Of course. It's the video standard for the world wide web. Everybody uses Flash video, right? It's not dead yet, but if there's a God in heaven, may Flash die quickly and without mercy.In the meantime, we have browsers to use and web pages to view. Many of ... Read More »

Microsoft Still Doesn’t Get It

Here's another episode of Microsoft Doesn't Get It. This time, it's Microsoft's TellMe vs. Apple's highly-touted and loved Siri. Eric Savitz in Forbes, interviews Microsoft executive Craig Mundie. Mundie:TellMe facility's been in the Windows 7 Phone (sic) for more than ... Read More »

Samsung’s Next Big Thing? A TV Commercial

If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, then Samsung is in love with Apple. First, the company shamelessly copies Apple's iPhone and iPad designs, now they copy Apple's tasteful and highly effect Mac vs. PC television commercials.How? By making fun of Apple's ... Read More »

R and D Bang for the Buck

From Seeking Alpha, Stephen Rosenman takes a look at Apple's relatively small R & D budget compared to Dell, Nokia, HP, Intel and RIM.In 2006, Apple spent $500 million and in 2007, it spent $800 million, and came up with the iPhone and a host of other products. In ... Read More »

Who’s Your Daddy?

It's no secret that Apple loves aluminum. Look at the MacBook line of notebooks and what do you see? Aluminum cases unlike notebooks of any other computer maker.Competing PC manufacturers know that the buying public love the aluminum clad Macs, so they want to create ... Read More »

Occupy Flash

This is a movement I could get behind. David Goldman in CNN Money on Occupy Flash."Occupy" movements have taken over Wall Street, London, Chicago and Oakland. Now an "occupy" group is trying to take control of your Web browser.Not quite. It's more of a movement to ... Read More »

Getting Steve Jobs Wrong (or not)

My impression of Steve Jobs after reading Walter Isaacson's biography:Steve Jobs was a highly troubled, obviously brilliant, self-serving, bi-polar egomaniac who was incredibly luckyIn Getting Steve Jobs Wrong, Daring Fireball's John Gruber argues that the biography ... Read More »

Amazon’s Kindle Fire vs. Apple’s iPad 2

PCWorld gets it right in a 2.5 (out of five) star review:All eyes are on the Amazon Kindle Fire to provide fresh competition for Apple's iPad 2, today's dominant tablet. Not so fast: Beneath the Kindle Fire's slick veneer and unparalleled shopping integration lies a ... Read More »

Google’s Not Even Trying Anymore

Remember the Google Gmail app for the iPhone? It was released via the App Store earlier in November, and then yanked a few hours later (due to a nasty bug). It's back.Josh Lowensohn in ZDNet:The app is noteworthy in that Google has avoided offering a Gmail client ... Read More »

Where Does Apple Go Next With iOS, iCloud, and Siri?

Tim Bajarin in Tech.pinions weighs in on four major industries which could face a disruption from Apple: Over the last 10 years, Apple Inc has done a rather amazing job of disrupting quite a few industries. By my account, it has dramatically impacted the PC, Tablet, CE, ... Read More »

Speaking of AMD

Steve Jobs in Walter Isaacson's biography of Apple's co-founder:We tried to help Intel, but they don’t listen much. We’ve been telling them for years that their graphics suck… They wanted this big joint project to do chips for future iPhones. There were two reasons ... Read More »

The Cook Doctrine and AMD

Here's The Cook Doctrine, circa January 2009:We believe that we’re on the face of the Earth to make great products, and that’s not changing.We’re constantly focusing on innovating.We believe in the simple, not the complex.We believe that we need to ... Read More »

Unfortunately, You’re No Steve Jobs

From Chunka Mui in Forbes on Steve Jobs and the Apple business model vs. the conventional Google model.The Apple innovation model is better, as long as you have Steve Jobs. Everybody else had better stick to the Google model. It is hard to overstate Steve Jobs’ success. ... Read More »

Steve Jobs last laugh: Adobe kills mobile Flash

The handwriting is on the wall. Adobe's Mobile Flash is being killed off. Charles Arthur in The Guardian:The plugin that launched a thousand online forum arguments and a technology standoff between Apple and the format's creator, Adobe, will no longer be developed for ... Read More »

The Google Killer

Eric Jackson in Forbes on Why Siri Is A Google Killer: Siri is tremendously under-valued. People see it as it is today, which is already the best voice recognition application in history. But people (including high-priced sell-side Wall Street analysts) fail to see where ... Read More »

Revolutionary User Interfaces

A few graphics from Horace Dediu in Asymco tell the story of the user interface's impact on the smart phone industry.Notice how Apple takes the lead in profit rankings in just two years after the iPhone's launch. Both Samsung and HTC, with large shipments of Android ... Read More »

Bestseller: Steve Jobs biography

Lucas Shaw in The Wrap on Walter Issacson's biography of Steve Jobs:The book sold 379,000 copies in the U.S. during its first week on sale -- the biggest weekly amount in this country since the debut of George W. Bush’s “Decision Points” and Jeff Kinney’s “Diary ... Read More »

Android phone repair cost telcos billions

From Reuters:Costly hardware failures are more common on Android devices than on Apple Inc iPhones and Research In Motion Inc BlackBerry phones, which have strict control over the components used in their devices, WDS data showed.Cheaper Android models, costing as ... Read More »

Rachel dumps Android phone, buys iPhone

Rachel Metz, a technology writer for the Associated Press, in The Seattle Times:As a gadget reviewer, you'd think it would be easy for me to pick out a new cellphone. I know what's out there, and I have access to the top devices. At any given time, I have a disturbing ... Read More »

Trick-or-Treaters stop by Steve Jobs’ home

From Victor Gonzales in the Palo Alto Daily News comes photos of Halloween trick-or-treaters dressed as iPads and iPods near Steve Jobs' home:The details:About 50 children and their parents stood on the sidewalk in front of the home of the co-founder and former ... Read More »