Steve Jobs Last Show: A Thousand Words

He’s gone. Apple’s iconic leader, Steve Jobs, removed by what he called life’s change agent, death. What’s next?

I doesn’t matter. Time will tell. Apple is likely to do well for quite some time. The management team is seasoned, experienced, capable, and they’re educated, to some extent, in Jobs’ way.

Steve Jobs last appearance a few months ago brought an obviously ailing executive to the stage once again, for one last one more thing. Another product, evolutionary perhaps, but worthy of his heritage and legacy.

I remember watching the video presentation on my Mac later that night and thinking that show must be a last hurrah. His eyes were full of energy, but the body was not. Various photos of the event, destined to be his last, popped up online the next day, and one particularly poignant moment was captured by a photographer.

One picture tells a story of a thousand words.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs embraced his wife Laurene after the presentation in a tender exchange that cries out, ‘That’s all I can do, honey. Let’s go home.’ He must have known the end was near. Weeks later he stepped down as Apple CEO, and mere weeks after that he passed away.

A thousand words? Indeed.


  1. I thought when first seeing this picture, how privileged we were to see an intensely private moment. It is humbling, life affirming, a great example of the photographers art and anticipation whilst at the same time, simply devasting in it’s emotional portrayal. I can barely look at this picture without my eyes filling up with tears.
    A thousand words? To me it condenses all the millions of pages written since he died into one perfect moment.
    Thanks for the posting.

  2. What a wonderfully tender moment. Thanks.

  3. Steve’s passing has elicited an outpouring seldom seen among world leaders or celebrities. Competitors are canceling events. Everyone has a moment or two to recount a Steve Jobs memory. This is completely remarkable and unique.

  4. That photo was captured just a few months before he died. He had to know the end was near and there was nothing he could do. You’re right. It’s a picture worth far more than 1,000 words.