Why Do You Need a Computer to Use an iPad?

Dave Greenbaum in The Apple Blog:One of the first disappointments a brand new iPad owner often faces is the fact they can’t use their magic new toy right out of the box. New iPad users turn on their device and what greets their eyes? An iTunes activation screen; ... Read More »

Pop guns, BB guns, or real guns?

Diana Bass gets the quotes from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer popping off about Apple’s iPad success and what the Windows maker plans to do about it. Ballmer in Business Week:Today, one of the top issues on my mind is ‘hey there’s a category we have had ... Read More »

Is The iPhone An “iPhone Killer” Killer?

MG Siegler in TechCrunch on the upcoming media hysteria over yet another iPhone killer; this one a BlackBerry.The problem with the term “iPhone killer” is that it has lost all meaning. Crying it has become the modern day equivalent of crying “wolf.” ... Read More »

Curated vs. Open

John Paczkowski in All Things Digital on an Android Market app that steals data from smart phones and sends it to China.Here’s a timely rebuttal to those who argue the merits of an “open” app store versus one that’s “closed”: Security ... Read More »

Doing the Math on Android vs. Apple

Fred Vogelstein in Wired on the Apple vs. Google, iPhone vs. Android battle. The numbers are wrong.The comparison between Android and the iPhone is meaningless. The true comparison is between Android and iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system. Android’s activation ... Read More »

iPad Owners Are ‘Selfish Elites.’ Critics Are ‘Independent Geeks.’

Eliot Van Buskirk on a survey which states the obvious. From Wired:Consumer research firm MyType conducted the study, in which opinions of 20,000 people were analyzed between March and May. The firm’s conclusion was that iPad owners tend to be wealthy, sophisticated, ... Read More »

Apple’s Safari Extensions Gallery

Along with an update of Safari to version 5.0.1, Apple introduced the long-awaited Safari Extensions Gallery with a few dozen certified extensions.Extensions are a great way for you to add new features to Safari 5.0.1. Built by developers, Safari Extensions use the latest ... Read More »

Make up your mind, uncle Walt

Walt Mossberg talks up the Samsung Galaxy in All Things Digital:I’ve been testing the first two Galaxy S phones, the T-Mobile Vibrant and the AT&T Captivate, both of which cost $200 with a two-year contract. Neither has all the features of Apple’s latest ... Read More »

BP CEO boosted bottom line, but not safety

AP’s Jane Wardell on BP CEO Tony Hayward’s tenure at the top. Profits went up, costs went down.Hayward stripped out layers of management and costs across a stumbling and bloated business, improving its refining efficiency and putting the firm on a stronger ... Read More »

Apple loses big in DRM ruling

It’s legal. Jailbreaking your iPhone is considered “fair use.” Nate Anderson in ArsTechnica on a ruling by The Register of Copyrights:On balance, the Register concludes that when one jailbreaks a smartphone in order to make the operating system on that ... Read More »

Guess who is the world’s largest computer maker?

Jonny Evans in Computerworld puts an interesting twist on the math of who is the world’s largest computer maker.Driven by the iPad and iPhone Apple is the world’s leading PC maker—but this isn’t reflected in so-called market share studies from the ... Read More »

Who Cooked The Planet?

Paul Krugman in The New York Times on why planet earth continues to cook, year after year.So it wasn’t the science, the scientists, or the economics that killed action on climate change. What was it?The answer is, the usual suspects: greed and cowardice.If you ... Read More »

Android phones outsell iPhones

Let’s put this on in our Fact or Fiction category. The Wall Street Journal reported that smart phones running Google’s Android OS already outsell Apple’s iPhone.That figure, revealed by Google executive Andy Rubin, is up from the 100,000 activations a ... Read More »

Apple vs. Google: The Battle Apple Cannot Win

Apple, Inc. is struggling. That’s an understatement. Apple is moving as fast as it can on many different business fronts, defending, attacking, building, reinforcing, plotting, scheming, winning, and losing—struggling to meet demand, struggling to fend off competition. ... Read More »

Smart phone makers caught lying?

Gene Steinberg of The Tech Night Owl on smart phone makers comments about Apple’s iPhone 4 antenna design:Whether HTC, Motorola, Nokia or Samsung, the spin control reads the same, using near-identical talking points playbooks. They know all about antennas, and Apple ... Read More »

Confession: Mary Jo Bought An iPad And Loves It

Microsoft shill Mary Jo Foley bought her first Apple product. An iPad. What was wrong with Apple products before the iPad?I never wanted to be part of the Apple community because I have had so many negative, hostile and condescending interactions with not just Apple fanboys, ... Read More »

ABC’s iPad App

Wow. ABC is serious. Well done.

Deathmatch: iPhone’s iOS 4 vs. Google’s Android 2.2

Galen Grumman in Infoworld pits the two most modern smart phone operating systems in an 18 page, side-by-side, head-to-head, advertising laden Deathmatch.Android has continued to gain strength. The new Froyo version—formally called Android OS 2.2—has become ... Read More »

A Big Pile of Money

John Paczkowski in AllThingsD on Apple’s stellar quarter:Apple sold 3.47 million Macs during the quarter (no cannibalization by the iPad here), a 33 percent unit increase over the year-ago quarter and a new quarterly record. It sold 8.4 million iPhones–61 percent ... Read More »

What the public expects of Apple

John Paczkowski of AllThingsD following a tour of Apple’s antenna design and testing facilities:iPhone 4 spent two years in those labs before it was released to the public. Two years. The company tested the hell out of the device and any suggestion that it didn’t ... Read More »

10 weirdest iPad accessories

From the Electronic House comes the 10 craziest iPad accessories. With photos. Five of the 10:iMaxi - iPad case designed to look like, well, a pad (not that there’s anything wrong with that).AppleGrip - anchors iPad to your car’s headrest for kids sitting in ... Read More »

Apple’s Missing iPhone 4 Stats

Apple dissolved Antennagate, right? Not so fast. Yes, it looks as if most popular smart phones have similar attenuation problems. YouTube is exploding with videos of Nokia, RIM, Motorola, HTC, and others with an iPhone 4-like antenna problem. Apple CEO Steve Jobs says the ... Read More »

Remove the device from your pants

Instructions from PDF of HTC Droid Eris (running Android):Contact with the antenna area may impair call quality and cause your device to operate at a higher power level than needed. Avoiding contact with the antenna area when the phone is IN USE optimizes the antenna performanceAnd:...and ... Read More »

Apple, Toyota, and the Great Media Piling-on

Is the media (online and traditional) guilty of piling on top of Apple? John Biggs in CrunchGear:I bring both Toyota and Apple up as examples of “piling-on.” Like annual shark scares during the news doldrums of August and September, news organizations love ... Read More »