A personal challenge to Steve Jobs

File this one in the Why Morons Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone Department. Former eWeek writer Joe Wilcox lashes out at Steve Jobs with a moronic challenge designed only to get hits to his web site which is full of blather and drivel.

Prove me wrong. Yesterday, you officially returned to work after a six-month medical leave of absence. Twice this month, on June 5 and 10 days ago, I said that you wouldn’t return as full-time CEO. Call me a liar. Make me the idiot. By instead returning in your full capacity.

Apple’s CEO needs to do nothing to ensure Joe’s posture as an idiot. His own site is a ‘Chronicle of Technology, Culture, and Stupidity.’ I had difficulty finding anything that resembled culture, but stupidity was overstocked.

What has Apple done truly innovative in your absence? Not much (and there’s perhaps good reason I’ll explain later). Across product lines I see a consistent trend: More of the same, only better. Of course, you don’t want to admit it. But, c`mon, Steve. Let’s be men discussing it.

Why? A true man avoids being an idiot on purpose, right? Wilcox complains that Apple, in Jobs’ absence, was merely “more of the same.” Seriously, I’m appalled that someone has the chutzpah to do in public what guys usually do in private (or, in circles with other guys). How’s Tim Cook doing, Joe?

Your team remained loyal, and Tim and upper managers helped by actions that arighted Apple’s sagging stock price. In that sense, “more of the same, only better” had a calming affect on investors—and perhaps Apple’s board. You’re back on the job. The calming must come for you. Now is the time for “one more thing.”

Bad so far? It gets worse. This is pure butt licking and spitting of a totally new calibre. Apple and Steve Jobs are chastised by Wilcox for simply providing customers with “more of the same, only better.” As if that’s a bad thing. Are you beginning to wonder why Wilcox isn’t writing for eWeek?

I hope that someday we’ll meet at some event or tradeshow and you look me in the eye and say, “You stupid son of a bitch.” And walk away. From you, that would be praise.

That works for me except that I trust, and hope, Apple’s honcho has better things to do with his time than respond to a loose sperm sack. Is it not obvious that the recession didn’t cause Joe Wilcox to become a casualty at eWeek. They just didn’t carry the termination far enough.