Worst. Mistake. Ever.

Have you ever made a mistake that sure didn’t seem like a mistake when you made it? Such was my break up with the Mac last year. I’ve had a few good relationships go bad. I’ve had good jobs go bad. A year ago my adult life took a major turn when I broke up with Apple and my Mac after a 15 year love affair. Please don’t say, ‘I told you so,’ because I’ve heard it plenty already, however, Worst. Mistake. Ever.

In A Galaxy Far Far Away

A long time ago (last year), in a galaxy far far away (Manhattan) I came to the conclusion that there was no real difference between Microsoft and Apple, therefore, save money and buy a PC.

That conclusion came at the end of a six month period where Apple was struggling to make all their new initiatives work properly. Mac. OS X. iPhone.

My problems with them all were not unique. Many long-time Mac users were echoing the same refrain. Apple had bitten off more than they could chew. Hardware and software problems were rampant.

So I thought.

The Dark Side

Whatever the cause, I latched onto a notion that Microsoft and Apple had become so similar as to be indistinguishable. And, if that were so, why not save money and go PC?

If my assumptions were correct, and, at the time, I believed they were, my conclusion was logical. I bought a Windows Vista PC, gave my MacBook Pro to my fiance Wil, and sold my iMac.

Guess what? My Windows Vista PC worked perfectly. True, it was a little more complex to operate than Mac OS X, and all that spyware, anti-virus crap takes time and effort, but Vista seemed clean and fresh and worthy.

Not Spongeworthy

Sometimes a relationship goes sour without any advance notice or explanation. I truly believe that Windows works that way.

It just goes sour, which leaves users with a bitter taste, and few options. In other words, my Windows PC started a series of strange behaviors. Crashing. Freezing. Caustic behavior, you know?

Hardware? HP support said it was Windows. Software? Microsoft support said it was hardware so call HP. My nearby IT guy simply shrugged his shoulders and said, ‘Stuff happens in Windows.’

Again and Again

Over the course of many weeks, we checked hardware, but to no avail, then reinstalled Windows Vista, reinstalled Microsoft Office, and reinstalled Adobe CS4. My PC would operate fine for a week or so, then start the same symptoms over again.

It was maddening, and none of my tech friends, all IT geniuses in their own right, could pin the blame on anything except Windows. Apparently, Windows sometimes just goes bad. How can that be? It’s a machine. It just runs programs, right.

Maybe so, but over a few months performance of my new HP Windows Vista PC degraded to the point where it was useless, despite repeated Windows installs, a motherboard swap, RAM swap, and hard drive swap.

What’s a girl to do?

Home Again, Naturally

I am blessed with a very patient and loving fiance who nurtured and cared for my MacBook Pro while I was away. When the PC went into hiatus for an extended repair, again, Wil loaned me my old Mac.

It felt like coming home again after a year at college. It felt like meeting an old and close friend. It felt like being rewarded without doing anything of merit.

I was home again, naturally. Within a few days I was cruising on my Mac like never before, comfortable, safe, secure. Instead of feeling victimized by Windows PC’s hardware and software shenanigans, I felt comfortable, relieved.

Can a mere piece of hardware running some software do that to a person? Maybe that’s how Windows users feel when they switch to a Mac. Now I understand.


When my HP PC was supposedly repaired and ready for pickup, Wil asked me if I needed help or would I rather just keep the Mac.

I said, ‘both.’ I got to keep the Mac I’d given Wil last year, and he gave my PC to some friendly people in a small office down the hall. Good riddance.

We were both ecstatic. I’d switched back to my first love, though I admit to a tinge of whatever it is traitors must feel when they return to the fold. Humility? Prodigal daughter?

Whatever it is, I can handle it. My affair with the dark side has ended. Life is good again. Worst. Mistake. Ever? Yes. I admit it.

By the way, the PC I gave away crashed a week later and is back in the shop for repairs. Again.