Adobe Acrobat 9 gets embedded Flash

Somehow, someday there’ll be collaboration using PDF files—according to Adobe, which released Acrobat 9. The latest release features native support for Flash. Rob Tarkoff, Adobe’s senior VP of business productivity:

The ability to break through and communicate a message in a compelling way has never been at a greater premium.

Is it the message or the medium which is most important? Isn’t Acrobat the medium? Acrobat 9, according to Tarkoff, will:

fundamentally change how professionals communicate and collaborate using electronic documents.

Somehow Adobe Acrobat, Flash, and Buzzword have become a Google Docs killer. Pundit Robert Scoble:

Soon people just won’t put up with a word processor that costs hundreds of dollars and isn’t collaborative. They won’t put up with a presentation program that can’t deal with photos from Flickr. They won’t handle a sales database that doesn’t run in the Web browser.

Collaborative documents are good and all but I’d be happier without Scoble.