Not a good name for a Mac utility

I like Leopard Cache Cleaner. It’s a great Mac utility that is far more than the sum of its parts. The only real problem is the name. It needs a new name because it does more, far more, than clean Leopard’s caches.Reality Bytes Most of us don’t do much ... Read More »

Leopard 10.5.3

Latest update for Mac OS X Leopard. 10.5.3 fixes plenty of bugs and weighs in at a whopping 536 megabytes for the Combo download (recommended).The 10.5.3 Update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Leopard and includes general operating system fixes that enhance ... Read More »

Times: The RSS newspaper for your Mac

Detailed ArsTechnica review of Times, an attractive RSS newsreader that displays headlines and summary in a newspaper print-like layout.Times’ main window… is easily one of the app’s greatest strengths. Eschewing the current standard of a left sidebar ... Read More »

Use this tool and say goodbye to spam

There are two kinds of plagues that haunt email users. Spam and phishing. If you’re smart, you can avoid phishing scams. If you have multiple email accounts then how do you avoid spam? Both are a blight on humanity, but spam can be avoided, managed, and almost eliminated. ... Read More »

Apple ignores Safari carpet bomb flaw (for now)

Safari security issues giving you the blues? Nitesh Dhanjani and are livid blue, calling the Safari ‘carpet bomb’ flaw a serious security risk.Dhanjani originally discovered than (sic) it is possible for a booby-trapped Web site to litter the ... Read More »

Mac market share up to 66-percent (PCs over $1,000)

No matter how the numbers are sliced and diced, Apple’s Mac sales are exploding, mostly in the above $1,000 price range, of course. Joe Wilcox in AppleWatch:Apple’s retail market share is 14 percent, and two-thirds for PCs costing $1,000 or more. Should I repeat ... Read More »

TopXNotes: Where simple can be better (almost)

Deep into the information age, Mac users have gathered an array of complex tools to help us deal with keeping track of everything. From Stickies to Yojimbo, we have access to everything we can think of and much we can’t remember—all just a click away. The only ... Read More »

The coming of Apple’s very perfect storm

To say that Apple has been successful in recent years is to understate the obvious, and completely ignore what is going on behind the scenes. Apple isn’t just doing well with the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone, and financially. Deliberately, carefully, with great discipline, ... Read More »

Firefox 3.0 Release Candidate available

Preview release of Mozilla’s big dawg browser. Easier, simplified, prettier, more secure, faster describe the next generation of Firefox.Firefox 3 is based on the Gecko 1.9 Web rendering platform, which has been under development for the past 33 months. Building ... Read More »

6 top utilities you must have on your Mac

Mac users are different. I mean, we’re different from one another, so our software needs are different despite the fact we use Mac OS X. Are there six Mac utilities we can all agree that we all need? Probably not. That said, here’s 6 top utilities that I agree ... Read More »

Microsoft: We’ll have 40% of smart phone market by 2012

Mark your iCal for this one. The Mac in your pocket will be eclipsed by Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 7 in four years, according to Eddie Wu, a Microsoft manager in Asia.Microsoft currently focuses its efforts on promoting the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system (OS) ... Read More »

Use your keyboard to open apps, utilities, files, folders

Your Mac is a time saver, right? Except for all the time spent mousing and windowing around to get things done. One way to save time and reduce aggravation is with hotkeys that do nearly everything. AliasKeys may be the simplest, most elegant hotkey utility you can find ... Read More »

On FTP, delete, and things that go ‘bang’ in the night

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to get out of bed. Or, it pays to go to bed early. Last night I was helping Ron set up our new ad server software. Add my Mac, my FTP utility, the Delete button, and “bang”, suddenly things just disappeared.Rocket Surgery I’m ... Read More »

Simon says, “monitor web sites and servers!”

As the number of PixoBebo readers increases daily, I need some way to make sure the web server is up and running, and some kind of notification when it’s not. The name of the Mac utility that kept popping up was Simon. What does Simon do?Simon Says The internet is ... Read More »

Can Dell rebound from the brink like Apple?

Fake Steve does an analysis of Why Dell will not bounce back. Funny, self indulgent piece, but loaded with the ring of truth. From FSJ:Bottom line is this: the only innovations worth making are the ones involving product ideas and product design. I mean, Duh. Right? It’s ... Read More »

Does your Mac need a CheckUp?

I’m a sucker for a little glitter and glamour. I fall in love with handy Mac utilities that go bling in the night. One of my co-workers turned me on to a handy Mac utility which, on the surface, appears like a Fisher-Price utility for monitoring your Mac. It’s ... Read More »

The new rules for buying a Mac

Old rules and Mac myths busted by Macworld in a ‘feel good about Mac’ piece. Good list to show your friends when they go shopping for a Mac.For years, we have unquestioningly followed numerous unwritten rules when buying a Mac. Like many customs, these rules ... Read More »

View news from 100 web sites without Safari

Every week I bump into someone who complains about how much time they spend each day looking at web sites in their browser. In each case they tell me they’re just trying to keep up with what’s going on in the world. I ask them to spell R S S for me. It’s ... Read More »

How Microsoft could kill Google on the Web

Guess what? Microsoft should offer free advertising to defeat Google. A ridiculously broken premise from Jason Kelly.When we look at Microsoft history, what is it that has consistently put it on top? Innovation? No. Most of its products are obvious knock-offs not as well-done ... Read More »

If you do graphics on a Mac then you need GraphicConverter

For the most part, Apple stays out of the graphics application and utility business. iPhoto has a few photo tricks, but the graphics world is ruled by Adobe and Photoshop and a few copy cats. With all of Adobe’s power and might, one Mac graphic application thrives. ... Read More »

AOL Desktop for Mac

In another attempt to prove that AOL is not a four letter word, Desktop for Mac arrives. Full of IM, browser, tabs, email, and ready for Tiger and Leopard users. Are they ready for AOL?AOL Desktop for Mac — the new all-in-one application — was built from the ... Read More »

Add effects and manage photos on your Mac

You have a few thousand photos on your Mac but you want to do a few things that are not easy in iPhoto. Not easy? Try cropping a bunch of photos. Try resizing a bunch of photos. Try adding attractive frames to your photos. What you need is something easy. Easy? Yes, EasyFrame, ... Read More »

The iMac is a 10

As Kermit the Frog said, “Time’s fun when you’re having flies.” Time flies, too. The iMac is 10 years old. ArsTechnica does a mini-multi-model review from Bondi Blue to Sunflower to today’s iMac:Steve Jobs on the original iMac:The back of ... Read More »

Manage recipes and cooking with YummySoup!

Cooking is one my passions in life and I get my Mac involved by using YummySoup! The Mac has only a few recipe management applications and YummySoup! is one of the best. Why? Four words: Organizing, sharing, cooking, and shopping. Oh, and there’s a handy Wine & ... Read More »

A Tale of Two Steves

Not Mac news but a fun read: Technopundit Rob Enderle on Apple’s Steve Jobs and Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer (writing from a convention with 5,000 of his closest friends in Las Vegas).On Jobs:Jobs is like a master craftsman. The first things he did when he took ... Read More »

Is it OK to use your Mac as an alarm clock?

We ask plenty from our Macs. They store everything and communicate with everyone and seem to work anywhere, thanks to wireless internet connections. How about a simple task? Is it too much to have our Macs become an alarm clock? If so, how many features should that alarm ... Read More »

Shameful: U.S. ranks 15th in broadband

New report shows U.S. fell from 4th place to 15th last year in broadband deployment and adoption, a combination of price, speed, and availability. Among the report’s recommendations:Enact more favorable tax policies to encourage investment in broadband networks, ... Read More »

The ultimate launcher for Mac users

Face it. Our Macs have become complex, complicated, cluttered little beasts. Files are everywhere. We load up our Macs with applications, utilities, shareware, documents, movies, music, and more. How can we navigate through the messes we make? One word. DragThing. Here’s ... Read More »

Too Bad

New York Times says Microsoft withdrew its bid to buy Yahoo. Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer:We have a talented team in place and a compelling plan to grow our business through innovative new services and strategic transactions with other business partners.Uh huh. ... Read More »

I thinks I, Cringley is an iBozo

Robert X. Cringley thinks that Apple’s CEO is an Iron Man: Steve Jobs is tougher than you think. Cringley says that Apple wants to buy Adobe. It’s the how it wants to buy Adobe that makes Cringley an iBozo of the Week.A Little History Cingley starts off with ... Read More »