What? No Comments?

One of the benefits of the internet is the ability to create ongoing dialogs with site authors and readers. This dialog can take place via email, forum posts, private messaging, comments, and other one-to-one, and one-to-many methods. Comments, anyone?


I really want to have something for readers to comment on, so it is with mixed feelings that I provide Comments on PixoBebo. Mixed feelings?

Managing a Comments section requires a bit of extra work to maintain a reader dialog. It’s not that I don’t want a dialog. After all, the Contact button is there so I’m just a couple of clicks away. A Comments section attracts thoughtful and experienced responses to an article or topic. For many readers, comments can be a source of valuable information.

Comments can also be a spam magnet, which requires some monitoring of what gets posted in the Comments section, and when, and by whom. A comments section also seems to attract another kind of spammer—those who want to link from a site back to their site in the vain hope that Google will recognize their site’s popularity. It requires a bit of effort to sort through the comments and delete the spam.

I sincerely doubt that PixoBebo will have a sufficiently large enough readership to support a standard forum. A site usually needs many thousands of visitors per day to handle the specialized needs of forum posters.

Still, I want and probably need a regular readership to engage me in a conversation about appropriate digital life topics. What’s your favorite Mac and why? Why did you throw your iPhone into the river?

A good dialog is between a thoughtful presentation of an idea, or a carefully crafted review of substance, and the reader who is motivated to respond, either adding to the argument, or providing a different perspective.

That kind of dialog is what I want more of, and despite the aforementioned flaws and constraints (spam and forum maintenance) is what makes the internet a rather incredible place.

So, welcome to the PixoBebo Comments section. At the bottom of some articles will be a link to Read Comments and a link to Post Comments. Readers who post a comment will also be able to preview the comment before posting; click the Preview button when appropriate.

PixoBebo’s Comments section requires a valid email address and other information, though only the name and date of posting will be visible on the Comments section. I also have a CAPTCHA, the scrambled word and number combination which helps to reduce spam.

Should you experience a problem, please drop me a note. In the meantime, comment where appropriate. I look forward to hearing from you.