It’s official: iPhone no longer a novelty

Rogers Communication announced a deal to carry Apple’s iPhone in Canada. Eamon Hoey, a sour grapes management consultant whose client list includes most of Canada’s major telecom companies except Rogers, disses the deal, calling it too little too late:It just ... Read More »

How to rename files on your Mac with Renamer4Mac

Here’s the deal. Renaming files on a Mac is something of a pain in the rear. In Leopard you can select a single file, hit the Return key, which highlights the file’s name, then type in a new name. If you have 150 files to rename—photos, documents, music—repeat ... Read More »

Use TextExpander or waste time typing

I’m an adequate typer, made better by spell checking on my Mac. Thanks to TextExpander, I’m now a quick typer for a couple of reasons: 1) I don’t have to remember what to type, and, 2) I don’t even have to do the typing. A good Mac utility should ... Read More »

Search for iTunes lyrics? Why bother?

OS X hint in Macworld on how to use Spotlight to search for lyrics in iTunes. Added to my ‘much-ado-about-not-much’ file.There are two fairly large caveats: first, Spotlight will only search MP3s, not AACs or any other file format, and second, you must have ... Read More »

iVolume is better than iTunes Sound Check

I hate it when some songs playing in iTunes are so much louder than others. iTunes’ Sound Check helps, but not enough. iVolume is the answer. The Techno Geek Speak:iTunes uses a very fast algorithm to quickly analyze the volume of its songs. It’s fast, but ... Read More »

Microsoft Mother’s Day Promotion

Get a free Mother’s Day portrait when you sign up for Windows Live, whatever that is. It’s here, here, there, and over there. From Fake Steve:Microsoft now has contracted a serious case of Ray Ozzie Disease, aka Featuritis Creepionis Complicationibus. And this ... Read More »

New speed bumped iMac available without quad core

My disappointment grows in proportion to the money burning a hole in my pocket as I pine for a new quad core iMac. Instead, Apple tosses a bone.Just when you thought iMac had everything, now there’s even more. More powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processors. And more memory ... Read More »

Add Magic To Your Mac’s Cut And Paste

What do you do most on your Mac besides type on the keyboard? Click, right? We point and click to make things work. What’s next? Copy and paste. Wouldn’t it be great to copy and paste and have your Mac always remember what you copied and pasted? Now it can.Death ... Read More »

How Many Launchers Do Mac Users Need?

A launcher is simply a utility, application, or feature which gives Mac users quick access to, well, utilities, applications, or features. The Dock is OS X’s official launcher. My favorite launcher is DragThing. Launchers for Mac users these days have become sophisticated ... Read More »

Downgrading Windows PCs

Another new feature in Windows Vista. The downgrade to Windows XP. Microsoft gets to count XP sales as Vista sales. PC World’s Ephraim Schwartz:Dell will preinstall XP Professional as a “downgrade” on a variety of desktop PCs and laptops… saving ... Read More »

OnyX Tinkers With Your Mac For Free

I’m a card carrying Mac tinkerholic. I tinker, I dink, I tweak, I check. One of the utilities that I use to tinker on my Mac, one of many, is OnyX. It’s free.Onyx Does What? Basically, OnyX is one of a dozen or so utilities for Mac OS X that give you hidden access ... Read More »

What to do when your Mac acts all wonky

Random quotes from Macintouch readers on what to do when something goes wrong with your Mac, or seems to.Any time you get random freezes, it is a good idea to see if there is some software issues or perhaps a network issue.Software? Network? Or, could it be, maybe, ... Read More »

PC Mag: Mac OS X Leopard best operating system ever

Another entry for the ‘we knew this already’ file, PC Mag does three months with Leopard and comes out smiling. Edward Mendelson:Despite minor problems, it’s by far the best operating system ever written for the vast majority of consumers… Leopard ... Read More »

How to Manage Bookmarks on Multiple Mac Browsers

I have a confession to make. I use browsers other than Apple’s Safari. Firefox has extensions. Flock has extra user features. How do I manage my bookmarks across seven different Mac browsers, and a PC?Bookit It’s a simple request, really. I want the same bookmarks ... Read More »

Add a Fancy Zoom to Web Site Photos

I’m a Mac user. I like a little eye candy. As PixoBebo progresses, I become a little more daring and adventurous. Today I used my Mac, Panic’s Transmit, my favorite FTP utility, and a nifty Javascript from one of the Transmit developers to add a fancy zoom to ... Read More »

Updates for Mail Factory and Business Card Composer

Two of my favorite Mac applications from BeLight, one of my favorite Mac software developers. Mail Factory designs and prints envelopes, postcards, address and shipping labels. Business Card Composer designs and prints business cards.Both are loaded with features, easy ... Read More »

Today and iCal is Better Than Yesterday

SecondGear’s Today is a qualfied companion for Apple’s iCal. Manage tasks and events without lingering in iCal.Today is a powerful, easy to use event and task management application for Mac OS X Leopard. Built on top of the same data engine as Apple’s ... Read More »

The world’s easiest back up system

File this in the ‘we knew this already’ drawer. APC reviews Apple’s Time Capsule. They like it. Kinda, sorta.Despite the ease of use that Apple’s delivered with the Time Capsule there were some significant issues. With only one hard disk and no ... Read More »

Is Your Mac Ready For Skitch? Snap, Draw, Share. Now What?

One of the coolest looking Mac utilities to come along in awhile is fun to use, easy to use, and totally baffles me, all at the same time. Skitch for your Mac is, well, I’m not sure what it is. It’s fun, though. If I could just get paid for using Skitch.Dueling ... Read More »

Feature heavy replacement for the Mac’s Finder

Don’t like the Finder for finding and managing files? Replace it with Path Finder, the ultimate Mac power user Finder, the Tab junkie’s dealer, the feature collector’s department store.Path Finder has a gorgeous, accessible interface that you can customize ... Read More »

Improve iPhoto With Keyword Manager

iPhoto is one of the Mac’s workhorse applications. Nearly every Mac user with a digital camera uses iPhoto. Once you get a few thousand photos into iPhoto keeping track of where they are can be a pain. Keyword Manager eliminates the pain, organizes your photos fast.Simple ... Read More »

Mac productivity is the latest craze

I’m not the only one trying to figure out how to stop doing wrong and inefficient, and do right and more productive. Alan Hoffman:Is it possible GTD adherents really get nothing done, or not much, because they spend so much time perfecting their organizational systems, ... Read More »

A Cheap Mac Does Not A Bargain Make

What is it that makes a non-event become headline news? A small Miami company tried to sell so-called Mac ‘clones’ for $399. Will cloned Macs become big sellers? Who is the buyer? What problems will unsupported clones cause? So many questions, so few answers.In ... Read More »

Still More Top 10 Apple Flops

A look at Apple product flops through the years. Mac|Life hates eWorld. Remember Cyberdog? Apple mistakes include the hot selling MacBook Air, HyperCard, the Newton. From TUAW:Macintosh Portable. The $6500 ‘portable’ Mac was about the size and weight of a baby ... Read More »

Keyword Manager: Best way to manage keywords in iPhoto

Update of the slickest utility ever to manage keywords in iPhoto. The auto suggestion feature works using previous keywords and names from Address Book.Tag all photos in your library, regardless of how many photos you have and how many keywords you want to use.Think ... Read More »

One Week of Statistics from PixoBebo

Lies, damned lies, and statistics. After one full week of visitors, PixoBebo has a few statistics (with charts and graphs) to share. Oh, and some surprises, too. More Mac users than Windows users read PixoBebo.Analyzing Analytics PixoBebo uses Google’s Analytics to ... Read More »

Skitch: Snap, Draw, Share, Why?

Skitch? Social networking for graphic media hounds? Skitch is a clever and attractive floating utility which marries screen capture and web sharing tools.Skitch + is an amazingly fun and super useful duo. Everyday we all share images, ideas and have fun with ... Read More »

Mactracker: Get info on any Mac

Latest update on the premier database for all things Mac. Includes details on all Macs, iPods, iPhone, AppleTV, Apple’s Airport base stations, other hardware.Mactracker provides detailed information on every Apple Macintosh computer ever made, including items such ... Read More »

How To Make Your Mac The Root Of A Family Tree

My family is large. No, it’s huge. Half of the family is from Scotland, and the other half from Puerto Rico. Needless to say, the only place that both families get together is on my Mac. My family project for the 21st century is to create a family tree. My Mac utility ... Read More »

Build Your Own Mac Clone. Frankenclone?

Psystar’s ‘generic Mac’ clone has lots of press, if not sales. $399 and bring your own OS X. Macworld set out to build a clone:I don’t want or need a machine with a built-in monitor, I don’t need the power of an eight-core Mac Pro, but I’d ... Read More »